My 11 month old Corgi loves to chew! To try to prevent him from chewing up the furniture around the house, I buy him chew toys. But there doesn't seem to be a toy out there that can last more then 15 minutes for him. Today I found a really tough rubber toy that he loves. I look away for one minute and the toy looks like it had been dunked in toxic waste! The toy was completely torn apart. Are there any good toys out there that will last my puppy for a long time??

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The ONLY thing that lasts more than 5 seconds with Wrigley is a Nylabone. He eventually manages to tear that to pieces, but it will last about a month or so before I have to throw it away. Kong toys lasted about half a day, but as soon as he can find a hole or an opening to tear pieces off, it's in shreds. I did find one generic rubber ball with no openings that he doesn't seem to be able to get a chunk out of, that is it for any sort of toy.
I know this is gonna sound crazy...but my oldest Jazzy used to do the same thing so out of the blue one day I got her a coconut. I thought she can play and play but it won't break. So far she hasn't crewed ANY of her toys to bits after the first coconut, which took her 3 weeks to finally get a hole in(and she realized what was in it! Yum!) and even then she seemed to still carry it for a while. It also made her breath smell alot better and she stopped tearing paper.I get her one every so often now and Koda my 6mo old has taken a liking to them as well. Try that and let me know how it worked for you.
I love canvas toys for my dogs, puppy to adult :) a little harder to destroy than regular stuffed dog toys
Thanks for posting this question Stephanie as I was about to do the same. We have spent a small fortune on Norah recently as she is in a shredding phase. She really likes to rip out stuffings and skin tennis balls. She likes her Kong and Nylabones but has anyone found a durable squeaky toy? She goes wild for toys with squeakers in them but I can't figure out why companies insist on putting them in stuffed toys that last mere minutes in Norah's play. Any recommendations for durable squeaky toys?
Kong makes a very tough series called Air Kong that squeaks. We have had good luck with them.
Try antlers, they are the best!
They're hard like a bone and don't splinter. It takes a very long time to grind it down to nothing, even to eggressive chewers. Besides, you don't need to worry about your pup swallowing pieces because there's none.
This website is a great example of what's avaialbe.
You can also find them in your local holistic dog food store.
Kodi is a terror on toys so we stuck to sterilized bones for awhile, but they are not as "fun" and we felt bad for our other dog. We have finally found a softer toy he can't kill quickly. They cost a bit more, but are worth it. They are called Tuffie Toys and have really held up. You need to make sure you are ordering toys with a Tuff Scale rating of at least 8 out of 10.
Thick rubber toys and nylabones seem to be the best thing for us. We was good with stuffed toys for a while, but now he's determined to rip them open and take all the stuffing out.


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