My 11 month old Corgi loves to chew! To try to prevent him from chewing up the furniture around the house, I buy him chew toys. But there doesn't seem to be a toy out there that can last more then 15 minutes for him. Today I found a really tough rubber toy that he loves. I look away for one minute and the toy looks like it had been dunked in toxic waste! The toy was completely torn apart. Are there any good toys out there that will last my puppy for a long time??

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Way to go Pippin! They toys look great also!!!!!
Oh Pippin! You look so handsome.. quite the cover model!
Hi Everyone!

Thank you for all your suggestions, I actually do have a Kong... the problem is my puppy doesn't chew on it anymore unless there's peanut butter in it. Even when I stick treats in, he'll try for a bit but then give up.

I'm going to try some of the other suggestions here though.

Also, do any of you have a suggestion for a good bed...? My puppy chews up his bed too...
again, they are expensive, but the jax and bones company make some beds that are supposed to hold up to avid chewers... but what I do is, b/c Pippin likes to get the stuffing out of things, is just give him a lot of blankets to lay on, this way he can burrow into them as well...
My dog was an agressive chewer, plus eater. If we left her with plastic toys, half would be gone... into her stomach. One night, we forgot to put away a hamburger plastic toy. Next morning, half the burger was gone! We were worried, but she pooed orange poo the next day. :)

For her, we usually try to buy latex toys. We never leave her alone with any toys but latex toys seem to be more durable than plastic ones. We like the egg toy (the chick head pops up) and shoe toy from Petco. I looked for the same ones at Petsmart, but we can't find them but at Petco. We tried Kong with her too, but she won't play with it unless there's food in it either. And as soon as food is gone, that's just another object... Oh, and be careful with Nylabone. Our dog chipped her tooth with it, and so we no longer give it to her.
Summer enjoys the Kong also but only with cheese in it. In fact, when I was reading this to my husband, I said Kong out loud and Summer jumped up looking for it. Another word that we will now have to spell - just like squirrel.
As for beds I would also just give him old blankets(not stuffed) until he gets can even get these at thrift shops so their not so expensive until he gets over his chewing phase!
Deer antlers are my dogs new favorite toy. They are under the bed right now (the cave) chewing there little hearts out. They are not too expensive and they last a long time. Or you can be like me and be freinds with a bunch of hunters. Free gifts all around.
Yes, I second that!
For a long time, Eddy didn't like the antlers, he ignored them. Finally he started chewing, and two of them lasted about 4 months. They are super-cheap on PetExpertise dotcom, which someone on here actually recommended to me! They smell like nothing and don't stain. They're like $6-$10 a piece on that site, and stores around my area sell them for up to $18 a piece!! Just be sure to get large or XL, they're best sized for short corgi arms to grip the antler.
I make toys by cutting polar fleece into 3 strips and tying a knot at one end , braiding the 3 strips together, and knotting the other end. I have 4 Corgis and the 3 youngest love to play 3 on 1 toy tag of war. So far, they have not "killed" any of these and they are very cheap to make. I use the end peices you can get at the fabirc store.We have had these for about 2 weeks now.
Also I found this Blue hard rubber bear made by Milkbone,it has no squeker, the puppies have chewwed and chewwed and it is still in one piece.
When you have as many corgis I do, you are on a hunt for toys that last.
I throw away any thing that gets the stuffing pulled out.
I say if it cost more check out all the stitching and where the squeker is. Then ask yoursefl how long will this last? If you think it will then try it if not put it back. Pig ear and cow hooves are great for a good chew but not for play.
I have a dog that can't eat peanut butter watch your dog carefully for problems with food.
My 10 month old Corgi is the worst chewer ever. Our first corgi would only chew on dog biscuits. She knew that the kids toys were not hers. This one thinks everything is hers and she has to destroy it. She methodically chewed holes into every stuffed toy we had from our first dog and then pulled out all the stuffing and squeeker. We can't leave her with anything. She has chewed up my son's Bakugan balls and transformers, she has destroyed nylabone frisbiesand bones, plastic coffee cans are no match. She has killed both a "milkbone" stuffed toy and a Hartz duck that looked like it was made from sailcloth within 15 minutes. I've never seen a dog go through rawhides like this one does. The only thing other than ropes that lasted for more than 2 days was a cow hoof...but they have been recalled. We found a squeeky toy that looks like a tennis ball that was pulled really long, this she chewed off the end flocking and then got the squeaker out. We've given her tube socks tied together, and they seem to last awhile, but she prefers to steal the kids socks and eat them. I am glad to hear that others are having the same problems.
I gave Stella an old, ragged t-shirt of mine and she loves it more than any of the toys we bought for her!


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