We took our 4 yr. old pure red and white to the vet today because she has been favoring her back legs, rising slowly and not jumping. X-rays showed that she has severe hip dysplasia in both hips. The vet said she had to be in pain and that we should give her doggie aspirin and glucosamine. She recommended a surgeon who could try to shave off some of the damaged cartilage. She also said Cheyenne might require hip replacement. We would have to go Dallas for that surgery. Does anyone have any experience with hip replacement surgery and post-surgical care and recovery time? Cheyenne was a rescue, and we have had her 11 months. We are very distressed about this, and we would appreciate any input.

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Sorry I have no input but just wanted to wish you and Cheyenne the best of luck...
Thank you. That means a lot to us.
Our Tenby has severe shoulder instability and we know how frustrating this can be. Our thoughts are with you.
Thank you.
There is a member who has posted a series of videos as their beloved Corgi (also the dogs name) recovered from her surgery. She was definately a success story. Here is the link to their videos--very touching http://mycorgi.com/video/video/listForContributor?screenName=0srp2h... and here is the members page
http://mycorgi.com/profile/MarianneTimko Good luck to you.
Can only offer empathy. It's difficult when a friend has health problems. We can only offer our best and sometimes even that is not enough. Just remember, you'll get through it one way or another.
Thanks, John.
I'm sorry to hear that. We had our Finnigan's hips x-rayed when he was 8 months old and the vet said he had bad hips. The breeders I’ve talked to (including his own) said that many Corgis are diagnosed with bad hips if the vet is not familiar with x-raying the hips of dwarf breeds. One breeder even said that one of her Cardigan's was given a poor score by one vet then a good score by another. They also said that even with loose hips that look "bad" very few of them are affected by it and will live happy, normal lives. It's hard to tell. This was terrible news to get about our puppy. We started him on Glucosamine immediately. He is now a year old and will limp only if he's been running a lot. Other than the supplements and exercise (even paced walking or swimming are best) we plan to see a specialist when he is 2 to get new x-rays done. There's not much you can do unless you opt for surgery. Our vet said he would not recommend that until much farther down the road when pain management is no longer working. Good luck to you and your little girl. :)


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