Has anyone taken their dog to a chiropractor?  I made an appt for Foxy this Sat. with a vet that is also a chiropractor.  She has had a limp in her front leg and my regular vet can't find anything wrong.  I have also been putting essential oils on it and it seems to have gotten a little better.  They wanted to refer me to an orthopedic specialist and I don't think I'm going down that road since they don't even think anything is wrong at this point.  Just curious how your Corgi's reacted to getting adjusted and if it helped with their ailments.

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In cardigans it is not recommended to have their back adjusted. Not sure about pems. I personally would see the ortho vet, they know their stuff. Have you done xrays?

Yes, they did do x-rays and can't find anything.  When I told the vet I would spend any amount of money to fix what was wrong with her, but just didn't know if it warranted taking that step right now.  He did say well I have to do my job and give you the info. but if it were my dog I would limit activity for 30 days see where you are.  They gave us Metacam which did nothing for her so I quit giving it to her.  She shows no sign of pain and still runs and jumps which of course I try not to let her to that, but it's hard to keep her down. 

My vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with Luke's leg either. The ortho vet gave me a firm diagnosis and was quite thorough. I would highly recommend seeing the ortho vet over the chiro, personally.

Thanks Jane.  Something I need to consider doing.

Do you have xrays to take with you?  I haven't done chiro care but I know several people who have and are pleased with the results.  I do acupuncture for Max's nexk and I am more than pleased with the results.  I did have to bring the xrays from my regular vet.

I wish you the best of luck and if chiro doesn't work, try acupuncture.  Please keep us posted.

Yes, I do have the x-rays to take.  With corgi's being a "dwarf" breed it's hard to know what to do.  They aren't like other dogs that our vet rountinely sees.  Thank you.  I'll post how it went after Sat.

I have found a suppliment that worked on my boy after surgery and recommended it to another corgi owner.  She replyed a few weeks later and said her corgi isn't limping anymore.  Nothing is going to work for everyone but I'm glad I tried it.  The name of it is "Nupro"(not the food brand) bone support.  It is a powder that when mixed with alittle water and food makes a liver flavored gravy. Stores don't seem to carry it and online, only a few did.  I ordered it from chewey.com and rec. my order in two days!  After a few weeks we had improvement.  Hope this was helpful.

Jane...i hadn't heard that.  I will admit that none of the ones I know who had good results with chiros are corgis..either type.

Becky...if that is the case, corgis not being recommended for adjustments than maybe the ortho vet would be the way to go.  I do know that acupuncture has worked miracles for Max but it would be good to find out what you are dealing with.

There was an IVDD seminar a few years back that several cardi breeders blogged about. Basically the issue is that there could be undiagnosed degeneration due to IVDD, which would not be apparent until the back is stressed.

Bella does agility, and we have a message therapist that is at most of our trials. Long story short, there were trials that Bella would enter the weave poles and "pop out". She never misses the weave poles! Turns out she had a vertebra out and it hurt her to do them. She ran perfect on the next run after her adjustment. Bella plays rough with her brother,Stoli, and this could be some of the cause. We are going down to Perry, GA for a trial this weekend and have the first appt. with the therapist Sat. morning. She adjusts her before the trials. I don't know if this is actually chiropractic, but this lady is amazing and Bella jumps in her lap when she see's her.

Thank you everyone for the information and suggestions. 

I've taken my corgis to the chiropractor and am very satisfied with the results.  My second corgi developed DM and for a time early on in the disease chiropractic adjustments gave her a bit of relief.  If you decide to rake your corgi pal to see a chiropractor make sure you find one that has specific training in adjusting animals.   I've been seeing chiropractors and one specifically for many years and have found the adjustments incredibly beneficial to my health and wellbeing.


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