i wanted to give everyone an update on how Baden is doing with his weightloss. i am so happy to report once i dropped his kibble to 1/3 of a cup and ditched the natural balance beef rolls for fresh pet food rolls which contain no sugar, he has lost a total of 5 pounds! now that i look at this photo i cant believe i didnt see it before. he is more trim, lean, as far as i can tell, much happier being slimmer. thank you all for your help and suggestions. this is why i love this site <3 tomorrow i shall post an updated photo of Baden, speaking of which its time for his dinner lol

i took Baden to the vet today for a check up and he now weighs 39 pounds! to me he dosnt look chunky but the scale didnt lie and now i am needing some help on how to get his weight down since i have never had an over weight pet before

he gets walked every day except sundays which are roughly about 40mins. he also goes to the dog park for about an hour or two depending on my work schedule (usually 4times as week) and that includes running after a ball half the time. i also take him to rivers and walking trails at least once a week. the trails take 2 hours to complete and he could spend all day in the river if i let him so hes getting his exercise.

he eat vension and barley natures variety prairie dog kibble and i grind up one slice ( 1/2 and inch) of natural balance dog food rolls. he eats half a cup in the in the morning and at night. for just one cup is 3,640 calories...wholy cow thats a lot now that i am typing it.

 so for those who have gone through this what can i do to help slim him back down to 30 pounds? the vet said he dosnt look it but he has fat stored around his ribs and between his chest.

please note that i didnt do this on purpose or i spoil him with treats all the time. i know their weight is important hence why i take him out all the time. here is a pic of us hiking just a week ago

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ha! That's outstanding!!!

Baron was told today he is 38 pounds. She suggested 3/4 of his dry kibble portion and plenty of baby carrots and apple slices for snacks. Good luck.

Teresa....I use baby carrots as the main treats for my 2.   Apple slices are good but I tend to watch how many of those they get.  I really don't want to find out if a few too many will have a "cleansing" effect on them.  Green beans are good too.  Max weighed 54 lbs when I got him....vet is happy with his weight between 35-37 lbs but Max is a big boned guy...he has paws that would fit a GSD.  Mix non-fat cottage cheese or non-fat yogurt in with his kibble or even mix in green beans, peas...it helps to fill them up without adding a lot of calories.

Rebecca, great to hear the update!! :)

Tom was once 42 pounds and I didn't see it either until hindsight! (he is about 30.5 now)


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