So I have started to give my pets pure virgin coconut oil in there food. There fur smells like coconut and shiny and amazing. It helps with joints and so many things. I wanted to share this to the corgi world because coconut oil for dogs and people is rely growing fast. I am below going to post a link to a site that has all the benefits of giving this to your furry friend!

Try It an you will fall in love!

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Sorry I replied in the main discussion. Go to the last comment to see my long reply!

Works great instead of chapstick...that's all I've tried it on so far.

It's not coconut flavor it's literally coconut. I get it in the organic section of the store and I get. (Organic VIRGIN coconut oil) the virgin part is most important. It's not greasy in the hair it actually helps with hair loss and helps grow back hair. It has many magical uses. I consume about 2 tbl spoons a day on my food plus use it as Chapstick and use it as lotion. And I give it to my dogs :)

Great thread with all the tips and ideas. I have a jar of Dr. Bronner's "first pressed virgin" coconut oil and it smells and tastes great. I give Sky about a half-teaspoon of it in a Kong with some kibble. He loves it. It is PURE FAT I watch how much I give him.

I use it for my cooking, in hot chocolate, etc. French toast cooked in coconut oil is a treat.


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