Check out this Craig's List Post if you need a good laugh. This woman wants to rent a fleet of corgis.

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Oh my....6 corgis plus however many she has?  Can you just see someone sneaking a squeaky toy into the church?  That would surely shake up that wedding.

Too funny! If she wants chaos for her wedding then I volunteer mine! Lol

I can only assume she has never tried to lift a corgi.  Holding corgis instead of bouquets? I always say they are like cinder blocks with ears and feet. I can only imagine some very sturdy, weight-lifter bridesmaids grunting as they hoist the little porkers down the aisle and the comments from the guests. "The bride wore taffeta and a thick coat of fur." I can't imagine how she even came up with that plan but it was sure good for a laugh.

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe she should clarify she would like corgi's that are on the smaller size of the scale. I can't imagine a bridesmaid wanting to hold Noodles for that long. They would end up sitting down and he could sit on their lap. I think this sounds like a wonderful idea and would love to see it.

In regards to what Linda said, oh my word the chaos that would errupt if someone had a squeaky toy. Too funny!

{chortle!} The vet says Cassie is fairly small for her  23 pounds she'd make a heavy bouquet.

Maybe what they need is a back of stuffed toy corgis.:-)

This even hit msn's buzzfeed.  Talk about corgis going viral

Some people are...amazingly creative. :-D

This is hilarious!!  Griffin would do this for cake.  I think the bride should have a herd of corgis run down the aisle ahead of her!


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