I search petfinder.com often and this girl has been available for a couple months now :(.  I wish I could get another corgi but my living situation won't allow it.  There's not a lot of information on her but I actually adopted my corgi from the same humane society over the summer and I know it's a small, family run operation that does the best they can with what they have (which unfortunately isn't a lot).  Just thought I'd put up a thread for this girl for more exposure.  The pictures aren't the best but she still looks adorable!

Edit: Sorry it was late last night when I posted this!  I totally spaced on putting the link to her petfinder ad.. So here it is now: Meet Sasha

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aw she's a cutie. I hope she finds a home soon

OMG she is soooooo cute she looks like my Armani and one of my corgis would if they were mixed....I sure hope she finds a good home:)

Oh, how I wish I could just fly out there and bring her home!  She's so cute!  With a face like that, I imagine she'll be finding a forever home soon enough.  If you want to help out, try posting her petfinder page and information on more sites to give her more exposure.  :)  If there isn't too much information listed, call and see if you can get the information so you can get it out there.  She looks like she'd make a great pet!

Are you on facebook? If not, send me her link (or am I missing it in your post?) and I'll  post it on the Corgi Rescue page. I know we have some people in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, maybe they can get her pulled.

For those who have replied I just put up the link to her petfinder ad.  I'm a dork and forget to put it up last night!

I posted this to the corgi rescue site on Facebook. Hopefully somebody will take an interest. She's adorable

Thank you for doing this.  Here's to hoping she gets picked up soon...

Oh she's cute, I love aussies. I hope she finds a good home soon.

Looks like she was adopted!  Hooray!



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