I'm hoping someone knows what I am looking for and where I might find it. I recently saw a dog carrier on a TV show that looked like an infant carrier. I think it could be used as a front or rear carrier. It had holes for the front legs and the bottom just held the dog's butt like a seat without holes. The dogs demonstrating it on the show looked comfortable. One was small and the other more medium, corgi sized. Not sure how it would be used in general, as dogs can just walk and hike along-side humans, but I need something to take Sully on trains and buses which require her to be in a carrier. I think it would be easier to carry her on my back for those brief occasions since it would be hard to use a cane and carry/lift a regular wheeled carrier, and I refuse to use a stroller for an animal. The one I saw on TV was about $50. on sale. Has anyone seen such a thing? I forget what it was called. Thanks!

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Amazon has some. I looked up dog carriers/papoose style. I think that maybe with the length of a corgi maybe more of a side carrier????

Before you buy anything, make sure it's acceptable for the intended purpose, as they may require a carrier in which the dog is completely enclosed.

Thanks for the tips. Corgi bodies are hard to fit to many items. :D


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