There's no such thing as a dumb question. I'm going to keep telling myself that when I type this:

Can you get a tri-colored puppy from two sable colored parents?

I'm looking to add a tri-colored puppy to my family shortly and the woman that I got Murphy from is planning on having a litter in the next couple of months. But when I was up there I don't believe I saw any tri-colored ones. Is it like a carrier gene or does it have to be one of the parents' colorings?

Thanks for responding!

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I think that sable is genetically red. Here's an article on color from PWCCA:

I don't know if that will answer your questoin. I think red is dominant over tri, but I'm not sure. If tri is recessive then in theory two reds could be carriers, but again I don't know for certain.
Do you want a black-headed tri or a red-headed tri?

Tri is carried by some red/sable dogs. There's no way to tell by looking at the dog whether they carry tri - you have to either breed the dog or genetically test it. If both red/sable parents carry tri, they are likely (but by no means certain) to have a few tri puppies. If one parent is tri and one is red/sable but carries tri, about half the puppies will be tri. If both parents are tri, all puppies will be tri.

Red-headed tri is dominant to black-headed tri.

Isn't Murphy a mix? Is the person breeding mixes on purpose?


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