Hey all!

I got to lookin' at Tuck and Zoey in their crates the other day and decided it was time to shop for some new real estate. The dogs crate at night and while I'm at work, so unfortunately during the week they spend a lot of time crated. My fiancé and I were working opposite hours (so the dogs could be out more), but he was recently promoted and his schedule changed. Tucker tears up stuff and Zoey climbs like a goat when left out, so crating is safer for everyone. They crate well and have never complained, but I'd like for them to be able to stretch out a little more.

I started out with a 28" plastic crate when Tucker was a pup and stuck with it. When I moved, I left one at my parents and bought another one for the house. When we adopted Zoey, I just went and picked up Tucker's old one. Long story short, I have two matching 28" plastic crates. Tucker just jams himself up in the back, but Zoey likes to stretch out.

I just ordered one 36" wire crate to try out. I went with wire, because I'd like to turn it sideways and use the side door. That way, it doesn't stick way out so far into the room. I'm worried about it not being "cavey" like they're used to. Does anyone use covers on theirs?

Can I get some pictures of your Corgis in their crates and what size your crate and Corgi are? Thanks!

^ Tucker and Zoey loaded up in the car for a road trip to Galveston. 

^ Tucker hanging out.. he doesn't usually sleep like this, but I thought it was cute. Zoey likes to sleep like this, but I can't find a picture.

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This doesn't really help figure out  size but it was too cute not to add!  

PS-His crate is 24HX36L and he can really spread out in it.


Awwww! Sweet baby! Tucker lays with his paw in his bowl when he wants food (basically always). Thanks for the pic!

That IS too cute not to share! Look at that little face! I can hear him saying "She NEVER feeds me enough!"

Well, the tracking info says my crate will be here Monday (boo-- I wanted it over the weekend). From everyone's pictures, I think 36" will be just right. If all is good, I'll order another one for Tucker. I think I'm going to try and DIY a crate cover.. there's a lot of cute ones online, but I can't justify spending $80 each for something like that.

I'm with you, I just used an old tablecloth :-D

I use old tablecloths too and switch them out plus they're easy to wash:)

Yes, those crate covers are costly. I wish I knew how to sew or had the desire to learn. I used towels for awhile but now use a piece of fabric I cut to the right shape and clip it on. I think the 36" crate will work fine. Don't tell Daisy because her crate is a little smaller than that and she will want an upgrade. :)

The crate is a little bit too big for Sunny, the pup is around 24 pounds. The crate is 36x23x25. I should have gotten the 30x19x21 one. But he seems like he is ok in there. 

I don't think you can have a crate that's too big, except when potty training. The limit upwards is your available space.  Corgis could use crates that are not as tall, but I have not seen any like that available.

this is the size ours have. they were adjustable (with that movable interior wall) for potty training.  We wanted to be sure they were big enough for their backs (don't want them to scrunch) full grown.

I actually just ordered a crate today in preparation for our pup coming in a month!

I went with a 36" wire crate... in LIME GREEN!

They also had pink, but unfortunately my boyfriend wouldn't go for it.

I'm going to make a lime green cover to go with it. I assume the sewing is going to be incredibly easy, since it'll just be four rectangular shapes sewn in a half-box type shape. I think it will be super cute!

That's too cute!!!


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