I am having problems getting Clutch to eat. It all started about two months ago when we switched him form Blue Buffalo (that he has eaten since August of last year) to Wellness. Usually Clutch would wait for us to give him the ok before he started to eat (he would be excited and then run to his dish and chow down) but once we switched foods he wouldn't even come in the kitchen when we got his food out. We switched back to his old food and he started to eat normally again for about a week but then went back to not caring and skipping meals.

This weekend we went to visit my parents who have two dogs. We visited for three days and Clutch only ate two meals (of his own food) the entire time we were down there. He did sneak some food that was for the other dogs so that makes me think that it isn't a tummy problem and that it could be a stubborn corgi problem.

Today I filled his dish at 6:30 and now, 7 hours later, he still has not touched it. He is taking treats for doing tricks or being good outside. The treats that I am using are actually his food. He doesn't usually get people food and I have not been toping his dinner with green beans for about three months so I don't know what he is holding out for. I did add two crumbs of hamburger to his dish yesterday just because I hate seeing him not eat and still he poked around and took forever to eat it.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how I can make his food interesting again without having to give him tasty toppings to eat it I would love to hear them. 

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Have you tried the warm water? This is the only way sage will eat. I also put her food in her crate as she likes the quietness of her den to eat. I have also had to do this with others. My theory for this is that Sage is not a big water drinker and when she eats the dry food it sits in her tummy and with adding the water it helps with her digestion.

With 3 dogs I can't leave the food down at all. They do sits and downs for a single kibble, if they don't take the kibble from my fingers I don't put the bowl down. I'll give them another chance when the other dogs have finished eating and if they don't want to eat, the bowl just waits for the next meal. Funny how watching the other dogs eat will sometimes make a difference! My spaniel sometimes gets into something that upsets his tummy, Dolly sometimes decides she's not hungry and Snickers never hesitates at the chance at food, funny how they are all different. Good luck.

We've found over the years that some corgis have a habit of skipping a meal every few days.The 2 We have now,are both corgi extremes.Keri would eat until she exploded and Merlin will eat
every meal,then after usually 3 days,he'll skip a meal.No biggie,he's just not hungry.I don't think it hurts them,or Us,to push away from food once in awhile :).

Thank you everyone for all the advice. Clutch has been doing much better and is back to eating every meal again. He is still taking his time and poking around in his dish but I'm alright with that.

I have a friend with a finicky corgi. She mixes a spoonful of green tripe into her food. You can find cans of tripe at the more specialized pet stores.

This is going to sound silly, but it worked for us so it's worth a try. :)

Put it in another plate/bowl/container.  My guy suddenly stopped eating food about two months ago.  He'd still eat treats, or his food if I handed it to him, but not regular meals.  I had every test done by the vet and in the end they didn't find anything.  Finally on a whim I put his food on a plate.  Since then he's eaten regularly with no hesitation.

It might not work for your guy, but it's quick and easy and might help. :)

Funny you should mention that, Katherine! I did the same thing with Sidney. He gets his food on a special plate; I have to set it on a shoebox so it's a good height for him. He eats his dinner every time now!

Use vegitable oil!!! It tastes great to them and it's amazing for there skin and coat!!! It also has all the omega vitamins in it.!!!! 

Try cottage cheese mixed in?

I'm in the same predicament.. My pup used to be on Blue Bluffalo and we recently switched to Wellness. She's also disinterested until I sprinkle a bit of parmesan on top. Sigh.

Parmesan! That's hilarious. Everybody loves Italian. Too cute.

I can’t imagine owning a dog that did not darn lick the enamel of the bowl.  Camber lives for breakfast and dinner.  Sounds like good advice only leaving the food out for so long.  We mix a 2 tablespoons of wet food to give more flavor for her.


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