I was wondering what kind of events/jobs/activities you and your corgi can take part in or what you've done with your pups.

I know about agility training which sounds fun and showing a dog which I can't say I'm particularly fond of, but is their other things corgis can excell in?

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Sorry, by "obedience" I meant formal obedience classes meant to prepare you for competition (not sure if that's what you were referring to?). They have very strict rules about how much you can praise your dog in the ring, how often you can talk to them/touch them, etc. I was even told I make too much eye contact with my dog and could be deducted points for "giving him excess signals"!? I thought the whole thing was ridiculous.

The whole point of doing classes for me is to have fun with my dog, and he definitely wasn't having any fun. We also had a horrible experience during our first run-through in which the judge decided she would put him back in place by basically dragging him back by his head, and that was the end for us.

Hi Jane thanks for the tips. I've definitely looked into basic obedience classes but I'm the type of person that has to read reviews on places before I take my little guy anywhere near there, and I've haven't heard good things about trainers near me who use harsh reprimands as training, and that is enough for me to stay clear lol. Im sorry you and your boy had a negative experience.

Jane....wow, I've never attended a class like that!  I've attended advanced classes for showing (using only hand signals) and they were never like that.  I showed my first Irish Wolfhound for obedience (she got her CD quickly) but I went back to work full time and then we adopted our daughter and just didn't have the time to continue.  I would not like being in that atmosphere at all!

Yeah it was a huge bummer because the kennel club is really the only place that offers advanced classes around here. The group there was really into the old school type of training which I really don't agree with at all. :(  There is another place we usually go to but they are really limited on the more advanced training unfortunately.

I know a lot of people enjoy formal obedience training so there must be good places out there, but not here apparently lol.

Jane...what a bummer! Our classes were AKC but they made it fun and the trainers were great!

Sidney is a therapy dog and he also does Rally. He just earned his Novice title, so we're off to advanced!

Way to go Sid and Geri!!!!


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