I was wondering what kind of events/jobs/activities you and your corgi can take part in or what you've done with your pups.

I know about agility training which sounds fun and showing a dog which I can't say I'm particularly fond of, but is their other things corgis can excell in?

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I would look for a sports sampler class. Becca and I took one. It had fly ball, rally, agility and nose work. I helped me decide what worked best for us. Trieball is an activity where the dog learns to herd exercise balls. We took a weekend workshop for that. Is there a training facility near you? Check and see what they offer.
I will definitely look more into this :)

I would start with your basic classes and then see what you both might like. Sage did wonderful in obedience and so we kept her going till she got her CGC and then she went on and is a Therapy Inc. Dog. I always wanted to keep going and have her do Obedience Rally but the drive and time didn't work but we get to share her love with people that love dogs!

Herding could be a choice. Livvy and I did agility just for the fun of it but never competed.

Rosie and Rocky both did Rally and both finished their Rally Excellent title. Rosie did not enjoy it as much as Rocky so she won't got further. I think I will continue Rocky on his RAE title nest summer. They both have their Beginner Novice title in obedience but most likely won't go farther. I'm not fussy enough and they would rather check out who is watching them in the ring than pay strict attention to me!! Rosie love, love, loves to herd and is pretty good but has a touchy shoulder so that is not in her future. Rocky likes to chase the sheep! Rosie is a certified therapy dog and she loves it. She is convinced all those people in the care centers are held hostage there just to pet her. She starts to wiggle when we get out of the car. I did a nose work class with Rosie and she loves that also. Rocky is catching on quickly in nose work too so we will start some trials in the Spring. They both have tried Trieball but our instructor wasn't real great so the whole class got stalled. I think they would enjoy it. We don't do agility for several reasons-Rosie's shoulder and my knees mainly. I think Rocky would like it also but my knees are not up to it. There are tons of things you can do. Try some classes and see how your dog responds.

Thanks for the tips! :)

Max is very much a people dog and really isn't afraid of anything other than thunder.  I literally have to run over him with the Dyson so I thought I would try him for therapy work.  He got his CGC first time out and then his TDI certification first time out also...only one in his class.  His reaction when they came at him in training with a wheelchair, crutches, cane, people shouting all at one time was to ask where were they all going when they walked away.  Unfortunately shortly after we completed our training he developed a problem with his neck, a calcification.  Acupunture has helped immensely but he no longer wants to be picked up or have a lot of people around him at one time, he is a bit protective of it.

Katie...bless her heart...is best at being a velcro dog and eating.  So she remains our little princess and we try not to ask too much of her.

Oh, poor Max....Sage passed both of hers the 1st time too...I guess I thought that was normal but never paid any attention to others! My dogs are all pretty much bomb proof!

Early socialization and introductions to all situations are so important!

Aw, that's sad to hear :(. I too had a dog that was afraid of thunder, couldn't ever get her to relax no matter how hard I tried. I guess some people use safety jackets that relax your pup but I can't say from experience if they're effective or not

Tucker loves to swim and could probably get a dock diving title if I tried for it. We also do agility. We've done rally obedience which was more fun to me than "normal" obedience. We also love to go hiking!

We've really enjoyed rally. It incorporates obedience type activities but it's more fun (IMO), and you're allowed a lot more freedom to talk and interact with your dog.

Agility is fun too, but I'm always wary of injuries. I think some corgis are better suited for this than others.

Obedience was way too rigid for me. It was almost like being in boot camp for us, lol.

Conformation requires the dog to be intact and pretty nicely structured, so that's out for us.

With Foxy we have done rally (which isn't her favorite) and are in an advanced obedience right now (which also isn't her favorite) and agility which she absolutely LOVES!!!!  She has been in a pen with sheep once and wasn't really all that excited to be there so we aren't pursing that.  We are taking our first nosework seminar in a couple weeks to see how she likes that.  I'm just trying to see what we like and pursue those areas.  It's all about having fun for us, not competition.

Jane....I feel bad that your obedience classes felt like bootcamp.  I've never had that experience with the club I belong too...not even when we were doing our CGC and therapy training.  Our instructors...at least the ones I have trained with..made it fun for us and for the dogs.  They believe, like me, that both human and dog learns better thru fun.  When I got to advanced classes, even some beginner classes, I hated to see the people whose dogs seemed afraid to move until given a command.  I always wanted my dog to come bounding up to me with tail flying (or not for a corgi) on a recall then have ears flat back and tail tucked.

I know someday, in probably the not too distant future, I will be having a corgi pup...it's time now that I am retired and have the time to devote to training a puppy.  I will find something that is fun for us to do and doesn't put a lot of strain on my back with me doing a lot of running.


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