I am following Oliver's story and hope that he gets found. He was riding with his owner when she got into an accident and he got loose.

If you are in Arizona, or know anyone near the accident site, please pass the word along.

Here is info from the facebook page:

Oliver is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was lost in the desert between St. David and Tombstone, Arizona along Arizona Highway 80 (accident occurred near mile marker 309) on the morning of July 7th. Spread the word and help bring Oliver home!!

Bring Oliver Home FB page

Most recent update:

They picked up Oliver's scent at the wreck site and followed it for about 6 miles along the highway (presumably south, toward Tombstone - I'll confirm with Miriam), at which point he scooted off the highway into some brush and the scent stopped cold. Miriam reported there were lots of bones in the area, but that they all seemed too old, and too big, to be Oliver. The tracker was concerned that a predator might have gotten him, but Miriam is also wondering if someone didn't see him running along highway, stop, try to get him at which point he ran and they got him down there, and picked him up. In any event, the trail did go cold and right now I think everyone's trying to figure out where to go from here. What I CAN say is those of you in the area, PLEASE continue to keep an eye out for Oliver. It is possible he was picked up. I don't know how scents work and if there could be another reason it stopped. We need all of you in the area to keep an eye out, spread the word (if you want posters MESSAGE US!!), and if you have a spare hour or even afternoon, head out and look for him! We know he followed the highway and we know where the scent stopped.

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I shared this on my facebook. Oliver come back to us!

I can't help look...I'm in NY but offer many prayers that Oliver is found safe and sound.  Please keep us updated.

big prayers for Oliver and his homecoming.



Hi everyone: Miriam and her family had a bit of a devastating day today. They received word that there was a corgi in Benson, AZ that very well might be Oliver - and they headed up there. They were pretty certain it was him. We were all riding a high. Then...it wasn't him I don't have the whole story from Miriam, because honestly it doesn't matter now - what matters is we get back to work. I have received SUCH good advice on this page and SO MANY different ways to get the word out, things to try...but it's getting a bit overwhelming. I am starting to feel like I'm letting things slip through the cracks, especially at times when I must be away from this page running my business. I am looking for at least one other person - perhaps two - to agree to be an admin on this page, along with me, to help follow up on page member suggestions, communicate with Miriam, etc. I leave for a camping trip a week from today and will have internet access one time per day - and I don't want this to mean that the work on getting Oliver back slows down. In fact, I want it to RAMP UP. Guys, he's out there, SOMEWHERE. If you are interested in helping me out, shoot me a message or email me at sdickersonphoto@gmail.com - I'll friend you and get you up to speed. If there are more of us doing this, we can get more accomplished! Let's GET OLIVER!

A friend of mine told me there is a page on Facebook about a woman who lost her dog in Arizona after a car accident, with the help of all her friends and dog lovers from all over the state of Arizona, she has found her dog but the page is still there and helping other people search for their lost dogs all over the country. I looked for it but I am not very computer savey and couldn't find it, she said it's on facebook @ helpaliciafindherdogs.







What wonderful news....so glad he was found...may other missing corgis be so lucky like Oliver!!!

What wonderful news that Oliver is back with his family!    Hopefully that page will help others return to their families.

Are you sure it was Oliver who was found. The posts didn't sound like it was him but some other Corgi.

No guys, it was NOT Oliver that was found, It was an older missing dog case (an aussie I think), they found him the next day.

found who the next day?

The dog that Sandy Barnett referenced (not a corgi) was found the next day.

I believe this is the story Sandy was talking about:

Missing dog found alive

I am So So Sorry, I did not mean to make it sound like Oliver had been found. I was hoping that the site on Facebook may help get more eye's out looking for Oliver. And frankly I am just not very good when it comes to figuring out where things are on facebook. Once again I am so sorry for causing any trouble or misunderstanding.





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