this poor corgi mix in houston is in really bad condition & thank gosh someone found him. he was chained up in the hot sun with no food or water & covered in fleas. so much so that he had open wounds bleeding from the fleas feeding on him. they are taking donations to try & save this poor fellow.


here is just one picture of the damage done to this little guy, there are more pics & info in the link below. please help him. his owner didn't even give him a chance :(



Facebook Pics & Info On The Corgi Mix

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This is so sad. Praying for a forever home for him. Bless his little heart.
OMG. People that do this should be shot. What's the address to help him? I hope he can be saved..I'd love to adopt him, but all I can do is send money and prayers.

under each individual picture this is the caption


CHIP IN http://dogsdeservebetterfu​​-in-tx

I rescued this poor baby today. He was chained to a tree, no food, no water and covered in filth. . He could barely stand and was so covered in flees that he was actually actively bleeding from numerous areas due to the flea bites. He is very skinny-he is at the vet getting blood transfusions. The vet said I got to him just in time as he would probably be dead within 24hrs or less had I not gotten to him. The vet bill just to stabilize him is $1500.

**Dogs Deserve Better is a 501c3 incorporated nonprofit. Your donations are tax-deductible in accordance with the guidelines set out by the IRS.** Any donated funds leftover will be used to help other chained dogs."

Actually shooting these people would be too kind...I say "an eye for an eye" Poor baby, I will be contributing also:) I won't be home for a few days but as soon as I get home I will!!!!!
i agree 100%! lets see how they like this same treatment!

Does anyone know if there is a corgi rescue group near Houston that he can go to, when he is better, if he is not adopted by then.  

Someone already took him, they were trying to raise $1500 to cover vet bills, 58 people have since donated and exceed the funds at $17XX, the left over money will be used on other dogs.
That is so awesome they could raise so much!
Looks like it's over 2k now....awesome! 

im happy to hear he found a home!!!, that poor baby!. i agree with the others...shooting those people would be too kind.... i wonder how they would like it if they were chained to a tree in the blistering heat with no water scratching themselves until they bleed. just cant understand why people like that are on this earth.


i hope u have a great home little fella, God bless u! (sorry it just brought tears to my eyes)

Holy Cow!  Thank God someone rescued this poor guy!  I can't believe someone would let this happen!   I am so happy to read that someone has adopted him!   I pray that he gets better and then becomes a very spoiled corgi! 


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