I have a 7 year old guy, got him around 9 months ago, his old owners got him when he was a puppy. Since I've adopted him, his barking has gotten out of control. He is always barking, he barks at literally everything- people standing up, people sitting down, people just sitting, people just standing, being in the same room as you, not being in the same room as you, when he wants to go, when he doesn't want to go out, etc.

It's gotten to the point where we can't have people over because of how much he barks, and our landlord is threatening to kick us out because of him.

I've talked to his old owners and they say he wasn't like this before, it's apparently a new thing for him.

We've tried everything, herbal supplements to calm him down, rescue remedy for pets, training, etc.

So we're at a point where we're not sure what to do, and we fear that our landlord position is about to issue an ultimatum: get rid of the dog or move out.

Any advice?

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Take him to the vet.  See if something is wrong.  How much exercise is he getting?  Tired dogs aren't as reactive.

Are there some good , positive obedience classes you can go to ? Barring any medical reason he might just be feeling very insecure. Changing homes at this time in his life is probably very confusing and scary. Classes will help build trust and a trainer can give you advice. Just dont use punishment like loud noises and spray bottles. If its insecurity, it will just make it worse. Distractions like doing tricks etc, will likely be better.

My corgi is a barker! I adore this dog, but, oh! that corgi bark! Pierces right through your head. At least beagles sing.


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