I don't think she owns a corgi; pretty sure it's just part of the Queen Elizabeth joke.

By the way, this image was taken from the Warming Glow blog.

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Why would they photoshop the dog's head? It's creating an unnatural standard of beauty in our young female puppies! haha
Corgi in the photo does not look too thrilled about the whole thing.
Yeah that corgi doesn't look too happy.
Awww, she's holding it wrong!!
The Corgi looks fine, was probably staring off at its trainer who had a treat or something.
We call those "sad ears" at my house. Usually a stressed or unhappy dog.
Harrison's ears only go side ways like that when he's .. lets say really "concentrating" during potty time. lol
I was sooooo psyched when I got this in the mail!  She cracks me up and the expression on the corgi's face is silly!! :)


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