Hello all,

We've been searching for the perfect dog that will fit our lifestyle and have been thinking about getting a Corgi.
After reading about the breed and etc. we've seen a lot of posts that states Corgis are not recommended for a first time dog owner. Is this true?
Anyone here had their Corgi as the their first dog? If so, care so share some information/experience?

Thank you all.


Everyone has been wonderful. Thank you for sharing your experience and advice.
After careful thinking and planning we have decided to proceed with the corgi breed as our first dog.
This Saturday we're going to be picking up our PWC Tri Color pup!

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Corgis were not my 1st dog but one of the people that bought a pup was and they could not be happier (actually 2 were 1st time owners). I think that if you can work with the breeder and ask questions and get answers, read books on corgis and are willing to be gentle but firm and can be consistant a corgi would be a wonderful dog 1st time or 10th...there are people that should never have a corgi but then maybe no other dog either. I would suggest puppy classes and basic obedience for a new owner as this is very good for any new dog and I would look at if you have the time and can make a commitment to these guys as they need it...not in a negative way but they deserve it...several of my pups and their new owners have taken classes and I try to take classes with each dog I get also...it's a good way for both to learn and the instructors can also help with problems and/or point out thinks that may work batter...Good Luck and let us know what you decide...
Yes, my Corgi was my first dog. I dont know why someone would tell you not to get this dog as a first dog. They are amazingly smart and very fun. They can be a little high maintanance as far as grooming goes, but if you love your dog, you will have no problem with the brushing and sweeping up the hair around the house. I dont think I had any major problems with having a corgi as my first dog, just all the normal habits, like chewing and potty training. I highly reccomend a corgi as your first dog.. you will not regret it.
Good Luck
Loki was our first dog as well and we couldn't be happier. I grew up around dogs, but I have to say, corgis are unlike any other dog breed I have come across. We did a lot of research before and during the first bit of having Loki- on different foods, products, training techniques, health etc and I highly recommend that for any first time dog owner. We didn't crate train him, I know a lot of people are fans of that right now, but we did use an ugodog tray: https://www.ugodog.net/ and it's amazing, he can pee on it at night if he needs to, but we also take him outside. It took us longer to house break him because we weren't putting him in a crate, but I think he's a lot happier this way and now enjoys the freedom of the entire apartment.

I don't see corgis as a first dog being a problem at all. Loki is so full of life, energy, and is so happy all of the time that it's great; however, he's also full of personality and has no problem grumbling when he doesn't like something or talking back. Corgis are very very smart dogs, so sometimes with Loki we actually have to negotiate with him, whereas other breeds might just do what you want them to if you give them a treat for it.

Right now Loki has about 9 hours to himself 3 days a week when we're away at work, and he seems to have no problem with it, we make sure we leave him toys and things to occupy himself, but it seems like just naps while we're gone.

One tip I have is that if you are not using a crate, try to start your pup off confined to a smaller area (we used our kitchen) so that if he has an accident, it'll only be in that spot, and when he starts to do well and not have accidents, you can expand his area.

If you're looking for a loveable, energetic, intelligent companion, corgis are a good way to go :) We wouldn't trade Loki for the world, he has truly enriched our lives.
UGoDog was actually one of the first thing we purchased.
We got that and one of those North States Superyard XT Gate Play Yard.
Got any tips on introducing UGoDog to the pup?
How young was Loki when you introduced it to him?

You've done your research and your a part of this community that is more then willing to help you by giving advise. I've had several first time dog owners and they've been so dedicated and loyal to my pups. They've excelled in making their pup obedient and manageable. You'll be fine since you did your homework and this was a concern for you to begin with. Best of luck and enjoy it for you never know the magical feeling of a Corgi til you've owned one.
Congratualations...you'll love being a corgi parent!
Congratulations on your adorable little pup! I hope you enjoy having a corgi, and I'm sure you're going to love the breed. They can be a tiny bit challenging, I think, mostly in regards to being a bit stubborn, but overall they are a very pleasant, fun, and sweet breed. (Of course, I grew up with border collies as well as have a border collie now, so by comparison the corgis seem easy! Border collies are like living with the energizer bunny.) I'm always amazed when I take my corgis out, how many people are so happy to come over and pet them and tell me about their friend/relative/neighbor/etc.'s amazing corgi, so it seems like there are quite a few wonderful corgis out there and the breed has a great reputation. My two corgis are both rescues, and they are fantastic.

It seems like you've thoroughly done your research so this will likely be obvious, but I just want to stress that puppies can be a bit challenging for the first several months (after all, they're just babies!), but things will get easier as your puppy grows up and learns about the world. Don't get frustrated if there are a few bumps in the road, and just be assured that with patience, love, and consistency you'll work through anything that comes up. And of course for every challenge there will be many happy and fun memories. Oh, and take lots and lots of pictures of your puppy! It always seems to me that no matter how many pictures I take of my dogs when they're puppies, it's never enough.

I look forward to seeing more pictures of your puppy, and I wish you a wonderful time! It's difficult NOT to have a wonderful time with a cute little puppy like that, though. :)


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