Jet is now 8 1/2 months old, and has learned so many tricks and is doing so well. But for one thing: she absolutely positively cannot sit down calmly. Doesn't matter if I've had her out all day long on a Saturday, from 6am on, if I try to sit her down on a dog bed or the sofa in the evening she is a whirling dervish. Are there ways I can help her calm down; or will she grow out of it? I love her so, but I do wish she could occasionally simply sit with me.

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Sounds like a normal, healthy puppy of that age to me.  Just make sure you don't overstimulate her and she does  not expect constant active interaction from humans.  In other words, she has to learn to entertain herself some of the time. Your problem lies in the " Please be patient, God isn't finished with me yet" category. If you haven't done it yet, put her in some obedience training classes where you and she can progress to advanced work.  Learning is fun and challenging for young active minds and you will reap the long term benefits of it. Enjoy this stage!

Dear Anna, thanks so much for the reassurance and encouragement. We did 2 months of manners class this spring, and are signed up to go back after Labor Day. Everyone tells me she'll calm down, she's just my first dog ever (much less my first corgi;)

My Watson is 7 months old and has improved but it is very much a work in progress. How much time do you walk her each day? I would also advise classes. I recently watched a youtube vudeo on teaching your dog to "settle". Look at some Zak George videos or some other positive trainers. At this age , puppies need a lot of walks and playtime but can learn to settle in the evenings as long as they get plenty stimulation during the day. I also use Kongs with cheese smeared in occasionally and deer antlers. Eventually she will sit with you but right now it will probably only happen when she is tired.

Dear Bev, thanks very much for the encouragement and ideas. I will look up those videos! We are doing more classes - and yep, one of those antlers can keep her occupied for a long time (at least, a long time in her time-frame;)

Until my Jack was about 2, if he was awake he was in motion. He was very busy but he gradually learned to settle. He is still a high-energy boy but he is much calmer now. I agree that Jet will more or less outgrow it.

True story: when Jack was about 2 we marched in a local St Patrick's Day parade. It's a BIG parade and between staging and walking we were probably out in a huge crowd of other marchers and people there to march for a total of 3 hours.

I thought "This will tire him out!" He came home, took a 20-minute power nap, and started bringing me tennis balls to play.

At 7, he still always wants the hike to be longer or the game to go on, but he has learned some self-control.

Dear Beth, thanks for the reassurance. People have told me she will calm down ... just maybe not till 2 or 3 yrs old hah. Well, she and I both have to learn patience. I will start teaching the settle command: though she is so much better at tricks that involve *motion*: for example, spin she rocks, while bang (play dead) is hard for her. I certainly believe your parade story!

PS We got a corgi because my husband said a miniature australian shepherd would be too energetic. Hah! But I sure do love her.

Hi Wendy, my Tommy was the same way but is finally starting to calm down (he is three and a half now). He still loves to play with his balls as many times a day as he can, but is a LITTLE easier to tire out. Also, his break times in between play sessions are more restful and much longer now. And as long as we have played enough for his liking, he goes to bed without protesting.

Most noticeably, when given the chance to choose when to start his day, he now will sleep in until 8:30-9:00am as opposed to getting me up before six. Truly that is the greatest gift of all! 

Everyone kept telling me that he would start to change around 3 years old and really they were correct! Just in the last few months I have seen a lot of changes in him. He is still the same fun guy, but he is maturing. Hang in there!!!!

I know you said that this is your first dog.  What me and my wife found was that Sparda was very much like that until we got another dog (a corgi mix).  She and Dante will play at extra fast speed for an hour, but usually after that, they both crash, if just for 30 minutes.  Sparda and Dante are both a year and a half old but seem to be doing a bit better with slowing down and spending "quiet pack time" as my wife calls it.

Hah, this is the one idea my husband says is a no-go, no second dog;(

Understandable.  One thing that I could suggest is if you can find a group of corgi owners in the area, corgi gatherings work really well for ours.  It seems to wear down our little ones fairly well for an afternoon, plus getting to see 20 - 30 corgi's is always a bonus for the silly hoomans :)

Hope to hear that it all works out with Jet.  I am sure that given a bit of patience she will eventually calm down a bit.

Wendy,  I agree with your husband, my rule of thumb for getting a second dog is :

1) The first one is AT LEAST 18 months old

2) You are absolutely delighted with the first one.

( then come the other points: You have the space, the time and can afford it,  but it's easier to work around these, than the first two...


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