I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm being trained by my 5 month old Ella.  I take her out first thing in the morning and she does her duty.  However, she will sit by the front door and whimper about 2-3 times after that...all within an hour's time.  I take her out and all she wants to do is play!  I haven't figured out how to determine if she really needs to go again or if she is taking advantage of me.   Has anyone else experienced this?  These Corgis sure are smart!

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Ellie will routinely give me her potty signal (sit by the door and give humans the corgi stare) if she just wants to go out and play.  Since I don't want to have to clean up an accident, I just let her out and watch what she does.  If she's just hopping around or playing and ignores the "spot" command, then I bring her right back in.  At 8 months, I don't expect her to only want to go out to potty.  That's like expecting my 4-year-old to only want to go outside to get into the car.  ;)

This is something I think I am just going to have to start doing with my 8 month old. I know sometimes shes just going to take advantage of me just to get me to take her outside, but at the same time, I am having SOOOOO Many problems trying to potty train her and trying to get her to not also be a poop eater that this will just have to be done. 

My problem comes in though **not to steal the thread** that she will just stealth poop. She makes a bunch of noise in the morning to go out, but then the next time she needs to go... she just goes. No warning, no barking, no whimpering, nothing. tips?

Hi Sylvia and thank you for your reply!  I'm sorry you are having a hard time potty training yours.  I'm not an expert but the way I've done it for all my dogs is to take them out as soon as I see them sniffing around and if they go I praise them like they've just done the most wonderful thing in the world, lol.  If they have an accident in the house, I say "Oh No!" in my very disappointed voice and then immediately take them outside.  I've probably taken them out more than was necessary but I believe (although tiring) this method must be the answer.  It's been a long time since my 5 month old Ella has had an accident in the house and the only reason she did was because I stretched out the time too far between taking her out.  Now if I can only decipher when she "needs" to go versus "wanting" to go out to play.  She has a beagle friend next door named Cathy that pretty much free roams and so she loves to go out and see if Cathy is out there to play!  Another thing...even though Ella is 5 months old, I usually don't let her go more than 2 hours before taking her out but I'm home all day so it's possible for me to do that.  There's alot of good advice on this forum, so I hope other dog owners can add their comments too to help you!   I've read that it's not uncommon for dogs to eat their own p**p and that you can buy stuff to put in their dogfood that will make their p**p undesirable.  Ella did that a couple times but thankfully I think she's outgrown it.  She's the first dog I've had that's done that.  Good luck to you!

Yes and no. Can you play with her after she's done her bussiness? She probably wants to have fun and enjoys the outside.

I take a ball  out and play ball with Livvy and then she is fine for a few hours. It doesn't hurt for her to realease all that energy.I don't really think that she is "training you" in a bad way she is just letting her wants be known. Yes, you do have to be mindful of the little stinkers trying to get their way:)

She definately loves the outside!  We live in Michigan and just got a bunch of snow.  She pushes it around with her nose and makes a little snowball and then chases that.  It's so cute.  Thanks for your reply!

Jane's idea is a very good one!   Of course she wants to go outside, dogs love outside the only reason they live inside is because we want them to:)

Sometimes Quin just wants to go out there and sit in the sunshine and smell the air.  If I had a fenced yard I would let her, but I am afraid she would chase after a coyote if I left her by herself without the fence:(

I wish my boy corgi would train me this way.  If he does have an "I-want-out" signal, we sure haven't figured it out yet, and he is still prone to peeing in the house if we get off schedule.  So even if you are being trained, it could be worse! :)

Sandy, try teaching him to ring a bell to go outside.  It was a big break though for me.

 Hi Kari! They talked about the bell in our puppy training class, but the trainer wasn't a fan herself, so she didn't really give us the techniques to teach it.  I am not a very smart dog trainer, so if someone doesn't give me step-by-step instructions, I can't figure it out on my own.  When he happens to sit and stare/bark at us, we take him out, but he doesn't always do that...if he's too busy to be bothered, he just goes where ever he happens to be.  Luckily it doesn't happen too often, but I sure would love him to be 100% trained!  He is a smart little guy though, so maybe he would like to ring a bell. :)

Here's one method to get a dog to use a bell.  The trainer uses a clicker, but in the video comments she explains that you can also use a short, distinctive word (like "yep") in place of the clicker to indicate that they are performing the desired behavior.  It's a method that I, myself, would use if I didn't have small children (they would constantly try to ring those bells and it would make training much harder, hehe)

Hey Jen, thanks for the link!

another way is just sit near the door, and let your puppy explore it, whenever they ring the bells, open the door! once the puppy figures out that bells= the door opening, it goes pretty quickly from there. even if you do have to go out 1000 times a day to make sure your corgi and you really DO know that bells=door opening and the puppy getting to go outside. Whether its to do their business or to drag you along to sniff their world.


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