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I know there are other discussions about weight here on MyCorgi, but I wanted to ask about my particular situation.  Our older Corgi, Griffin, a 3 year old fluff, had been recently weighed in at 43.5 pounds.  I know this is very large for a Corgi, but I think Griffin is a pretty big one!  We took him along with us to his breeder's place when we picked up our puppy Violet, and the breeder suggested that he needed to drop some weight.  We promptly put him on a reduced food intake, and our last visit to the vet showed that he's dropped to 38.5 pounds, which I know is still huge for a Corgi.  The problem is that now, with the 5 pound weight loss, I can easily feel his ribs, and his pelvic bone is pretty pronounced when you push on it (about 3-4 inches diagonally from his nub).  I'm thinking that he might now be a bit underweight, but I'd like to know if anyone has, or has had, a Corgi that appeared proper weight (or maybe slightly underweight) at 38+ pounds.  Thanks for any insight!

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Um, that should be "rat" not "rate" and for some reason I can't edit responses on this computer...

This is Max when we got him in 2007 at the age of 5...he was 54 lbs and shaved...he's a fluffy.  He now weights 37 lbs and has his beautiful fluffy coat.  It took a couple of months to get the weight off with diet, carrots only for treats and exercise.


yep this little guy looks a little porky, but loosing just a little weight seems to do the trick.  He looks stocky even in this picture.  He will probably never weigh the prescribbed  25 - 30 pounds. 

We had a fluff we named Samson a long time ago and mom bought one when I was a kid.  Both dogs were much larger than our pems and more of the cardi build.  They were heavier and a little stockier.  I would be willing to bet Samson was at least 40 pounds.  When you check him your pooch should not be ribby and from shoulder to hips should have a little doggy waist.  You should not be able to feel pelvic bones easily though!  When you feel the rib cage you should feel a layer of muscle and fat over it.  That is to say you should be able to feel the ribs...but there should be a layer of tissue over them.  We always washed the dogs once a year (he was an outside dog) and when we did he looked proportional and healthy.  He was just a big boy. Don't let the fluffy hair fool you into thinking he is fat.  He might just have a lot of fluff  ( =  Maybe some fluffies are a throw back to the ancestor cardi's and pems share.  I also know of some fluffies that are very normal in size.  Each dog is an individual.  And happy healthy individuals don't always fit the "normal" range.  A wise lady once told me and about 8000 other people not to be fooled.  "Normal" is just a setting on your dryer.  Very few things in life, including our four legged friends are perfectly "normal".  hehe  Hope this is helpful.  Another thing you can do to get an idea of his build if getting him soaking wet is out of the question is shaving him like this little guy above.  It lets you see with your eyes the build of your pooch.


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