Hi my new guy Chevy he is such a wonderful sweet boy and the most loveable and probably one of the smartest dogs I have ever  met.. Well everytime I take the boys outside- Chevy well he finds mice and he kills them and buries them... He stomps on them with his feet and then picks it up and digs a hole in the dirt and buries it.. I am afraid he might get some kind of disease or something if he bites into one of these mice or what if one bites him .. So I have been staying outside with the boys now when I take them out cause I donot want him to find anymore mice -- He found one out by the garbage can and he picked it up and ran with then stomped on it.. Anyone else have a corgi catching mice??

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Frosty always points, whines and barks at the mice & shrews in our yard and keeps them immobile until I come over and kill it.  He even corralled a mole once!  He never kills, just waits for me to do it while not letting the small varmit get away.  But then he gets all mad when I won't let him eat it after I kill it.  The only small animal he kills himself are baby rabbits, which he then tries to wolf down as fast as possible before I see (yuck!).  Our cats recently had tapeworms really bad, and the vet said it was caused by eating mice that had fleas that had tapeworms.  That was yuck too!!

Mine like to flip them in the air and eventually they kill them,...don't think they eat them though but like Frosty....they go for rabbit meat! Must be like lobster is for me!


That's pretty good if he buries them unless he's letting them "age" for a treat later????

How about Lizard? Introducing.... Joshua's Bexar ..... aka " the ipad corgi"
Not a very nice video :( I would have stopped him for sure.
Ugh.  I would have intervened.  Pup is torturing those poor lizards slowly to death.  I realize nature can be cruel, but our human sensibilities make us not want to see animals suffer unnecessarily.  If it were a clean kill that would be one thing. But that was tough to watch.
They sure can be cat-dogs sometimes, eh?
Sophie sniffs out and pounces on mice or voles that live outside where I walk her at work every day.  Since I always have her leashed up I am able to stop her from pursuing her quests.  Many a time she pounces and comes up with a tuft of grass in her mouth.  I have no idea what she would do if she caught one but I'm sure I wouldn't like it much!
I looked at the dog chart in my vets office and corgis are called "A good all around farm dog" So there you have it!!
I think Roslyn is confused why all the wild bunnies run from her. Liam (my house rabbit) is her best friend, and he chases her! Then again we just had Liam weighed at his yearly vet exam and he is almost 15pounds of pure albino cuteness. Roslyn is 20pounds... and they are about the same height. I can't find my picture right now, but I have one of the sleeping in the flying squirrel position side by side. <3 BFF's
there is nothing wrong with that video. It's a natural thing. lol
maybe I think differently though because I'm a hunter. :/

My mom's cat kills mice and birds all the time (and eats them). I don't see why it would hurt a corgi :]

Compassion for another living creature is the point of saying the video is cruel. 

Although I do not agree with hunting AT ALL, I am sure when you do you try your best to not let the animal suffer a slow and painful and SCARED death by shooting it in the leg, then the back, then maybe another leg...then just kicking it around a few times, then finally delivering the final blow. That is what this video was all about, watching an animal be tortured. 

I am always fascinated how in todays society this obviously cruel act can be called natural and then laughed at - total disregard for the feelings of another creature on our planet, especially when there is no need for it --- I am sure he has kibble inside. If my dog attempted to kill something and I was able to stop it - I certainly would.

You gotta remember dogs are related to wolves. Animals kill other animals to eat. hunters kill animals for food. and trophies. unless you're a vegetarian, there shouldn't be anything wrong with hunting. but everyone has different opinions. I don't really wanna open this can of worms. end of story.


 I'm sorry I laughed at it. 


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