Just a quick tip.  My two Corgi's, Ryno (male-large) and Wrigley (female-tiny) often get into vigorous tussles with elevated growling and snarling.  My cure is to use cherry frosting (you can see it on their white nose) or peanut butter.  I place a small dollop on each one's nose and then they spend the next hour or so lovingly licking it off each other.


This works great if you have guests over, are watching a movie, kids are doing homework.  We have only had one can of cherry frosting and it's over 1/2 full after 10 months.

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Video. :) I want to see video.
I agree.
I second that!
This is the cutest thing ever. Thanks for posting a video!
I just tried it with the peanut butter. They only licked their own noses (and Ragnar can't figure out how to fully clean his), so we missed out on that treat, but it did completely distract them from the fight they were having over their stuffed lamb. They're only playing but it sounds so violent and you not only can't have a conversation when they go at it, they like to do it near your face or legs, which makes me mighty nervous :)

Great idea though--I have a feeling the more we do it, the more chance they'll figure out they can lick each other's face.
I'd say put it up higher, like just before being between the eyes. That way they can each see it. If nothing else, it could have some rather hilarious results! :)
If you see in the video the pink frosting is just below their eyes where their own tongues cant reach it. I started first doing it to just one and letting the other one "clean" it but it started more fighting. Now we dose them both with the frosting and they run when they see the frosting container come out.
Yeah, for some reason I was all stupid about it and thought it would be too messy if I put it up in their fur, but it mostly defeated the purpose that way and, after everything, Ragnar didn't clean himself too well and ended up wiping his nose on the sofa cushions and then licking it off of them :/. It was still cute and kept them all quiet, but not as adorable as that video!
Wow! What a tip! I will certainly be getting some frosting to keep on hand!. We too have Callie tiny female who just turned 3 and her brother Cooper who will be a year next month but is much larger. Sometimes they get a little ugly and this tip might just be what is in order! Thank you so much for sharing!
I tried this last night, and it ended in a fight. I don't think I'll be trying it again, but at least it works for some of you. I think I'd rather deal with their play-fighting than real fighting.


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