Lilibet doesn't shed. We have neighbor corgis that when they shake or just walk, hair flies off. Not so with Lilibet. Instead she blows her coat about once a year around March, I think. Right now I am beginning to see little tufts of hair on her legs that I can pull slightly and they will come out. So from March through April I can expect to comb her every day with one of those undercoat rake type combs. Each time I get arm loads of white soft undercoat (Lilibet is a tri) that I throw in the woods for the birds to nest with (my idea - not the birds). The rest of the year Lilibet can get on the furniture or our bed and hardly leave a hair! We pick her up all the time and don't worry about the hair - she basically doesn't shed! Does anyone else out there have a corgi that doesn't shed all the time?

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Lilibet looks just like your dogs -well more like the one on the left in this picture - well exercised and not overweight and now that she is going through her annual "molt" I can match that pile of fur.
I actually asked my breeder about this because I kept waiting for Beni to get a thick coat and he hasn't. She said that by now (1 year+) his coat should be "final", and that she has two types of corgis- one with thick soft fluffy - shed-o-matic coats and the other with the tighter, shorter coats that tend to be slightly coarser hair which seems not to shed as much. Her puppies have a mix of some being thick and some being shorter. Beni definitely is the latter.

I don't think it's the time of year as much as genes.

I was actually looking forward to a nice thick coat on Beni, but I AM thankful for the limited amount of piles of hair in the corner.
The 2 litters I've visited at our breeder's were both 1/4 fluffy (expected Mendelian 3:1 ratio for recessives). I'm guessing that fluffy carriers have plusher coats than fluffy clears?
The atmosphere is 80% nitrogen, 18% oxygen, 2% argon, .35% CO2 and rising, and 12% corgi fur. Get used to it.
Lyla has the tighter shorter coat too. She definitely doesn't look like the show Pems which aren't fluffies, but are fluffier.
lol I wish my baby doesn't shed. My parent aways threathens me that they are going to give my dog away because he sheds soo much. Your lucky. Seriously, what is your secret!?
Perhaps, brushing or combing would help with the shedding and keep your parents happy :) Don't want to give away your precious little corgi if there is a way that you can stay on top of the problem.
And don't bathe him too often.
Try adding a fish oil supplement to his food too. It has good results for skin and coat health. :)
Right after I adopted our first corgi "Tucker" I started reading everything Corgi. In one of the books I read something that worked for me. They don't need to be bathed often, as some people do. Once you start with the bathing where do you stop. Plus, as anyone who has ever bathed a dog with such an undercoat is very difficult to get all the shampoo out. Hence, another problem for the dog, itchies and flakies! Corgis are by nature pretty clean little critters...a play in the wading pool during the summer is good, unless of coarse they get into something really stinky!
Great point Christine. My Corgi, Dylan, had the worst skin problems. I owned several Corgis before Dylan, but never had one that lost almost half of of his coat––big spots w/o hair. The vets could offer little help –– selling products/procedures that were costly and worthless. I mentioned this to Lucy's breeder, and he recommended regular brushing but only bathing when Lucy was dirty/smelly. End result: we rarely give her baths. Her coat essentially stays clean; and like cats, most Corgis clean themselves. Lucy has a luxurious coat. In fact, people ask if she's a fluffy. They also think that she's so clean and well-groomed. We smile and take all the credit. However, all the credit goes to the Corgis' coats that resist dirt, dry quickly, perfectly suited for work dogs in hard climates.
My Corgi with one of the nicest plushest coats that I had shed, but not a lot. Murray the Corgi I have now doesn't have a short coat, but it is not nearly as plush and he sheds clear more than Zac did so I'm not convinced it has to do much with coat type.
Cragar and Brody are also light shedders. They shed mostly at the onset of fall and summer. My daughter's Hannah has that double coat and MOLTS year round. You could make another dog about every week with what Hannah loses!! LOL!!!
A corgi that doesn't shed? Is that like a waterproof fish, a virtuous devil, or a fuel-efficient automobile?


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