Lilibet doesn't shed. We have neighbor corgis that when they shake or just walk, hair flies off. Not so with Lilibet. Instead she blows her coat about once a year around March, I think. Right now I am beginning to see little tufts of hair on her legs that I can pull slightly and they will come out. So from March through April I can expect to comb her every day with one of those undercoat rake type combs. Each time I get arm loads of white soft undercoat (Lilibet is a tri) that I throw in the woods for the birds to nest with (my idea - not the birds). The rest of the year Lilibet can get on the furniture or our bed and hardly leave a hair! We pick her up all the time and don't worry about the hair - she basically doesn't shed! Does anyone else out there have a corgi that doesn't shed all the time?

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He sure is...but a can lasts about 4 days (he just gets one generous scoop out of it), so say two cans a week. It's just a tasty garnish for his kibble. We sure could not afford to give him a full can a day!
Doesn't shed? Next, we will hear of a corgi that eschews treats.
thanks for explaining
Daylight saving started and on the same day the Osprey returned to their nest on the Severn River and Lilibet began to molt! Her fur comes out in handfuls with the help of a comb. Thank God she only sheds once a year - for that she is very very special.
Our first Corgi "Tucker" was shedding lightly most of the time, with 2 pretty heavy shedds a year. Riley our 8 month old shedd lightly last summer and that was it. I'm wondering if it has to do with their coat type.and or their age? RIley has a smooth or flat coat and I thought Tucker did too.
Sidney is also flat, or smooth, coated and does not shed very much. We got lucky!
Sorry...that's "SHED" not shedd!!! Also, don't dogs under stress (sick or what ever) shed too?
I've heard it called a "stress shed". Whenever we take one of the furkids to the vet they shed like crazy. I wonder why that happens?
Cats do that too. I THINK (but am not 100% positive) that it's an evolutionary response; if your hair gets loose when you are under extreme stress, you are more likely to be able to get away from a predator or a fight than if the hair held tight.
Yup, our kitties do it too. THe explanation you gave makes sense.
Vivi stress sheds a lot too, especially during car rides. Let's just say that even though he spends much more time on the couch than in the car, there's probably 50x as much fur in the car after each ride! And it's all his wiry white belly fur, while the fur on the couch is all wispy undercoat.
Jack pretty much only sheds when he blows his coat. Other than that, I brush him once or twice a week and pretty much only get a small amount of undercoat. When he blows coat, though, it takes ages; starts on one part of his body and slowly moves around, and just when I think he's done he starts shedding top coat. The entire process takes a couple of months or so.

Maddie, on the other hand, thinks her mission in life is to coat the entire world in a nice warm blanket of fluff. The gal sheds non-stop. I don't know how she was pre-spay, because she was in a seasonal shed (or at least I thought so!) when I got her, but since she's been spayed last autumn she is just a shedding machine. She still has tons of hair, though. She's DNA "fluff-factored" and I wonder if that is something to do with it; she has the "glamour coat."

I am hoping she slows down after she has her spring/summer coat blow. :-) I can hope, right?


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