What's the verdict here? I'm hearing mixed things from people.
Atlas is the ultimate velcro dog, he has to be with me, at all times. If I get up to go to the bathroom, he comes in with me, if I'm doing the dishes, he lays on the floor touching my legs, he will not stay in a room unless I'm in there with him.

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Both of my corgis are velcro dogs! They follow me all around the house and like to be with me at all times. If I sit down somewhere, they're generally right next to me for cuddles and kisses or just sleeping next to me. Honey wanders when she's outside (distracted by interesting smells and things) but Hooch is amazing at staying right at my feet! It's like he's in permanant "Heel" mode. Honey tends to stay by the door if I'm in a room she doesn't come into as well or if I'm outside without her. They're not completely codependent, but they certainly prefer to spend time with me absolutely as much as possible.
Dooley is a sort of ultra modern, hyper-precise velcro dog: he only sticks to ME. If I'm not home, he does his own thing (after checking my bedroom and the garage to make sure I'm not there). He was even clingier when I first brought him home, but is more independent now. Still, he prefers to be with me in a room and is pretty good at adapting to my activities (he quitely chews rawhide while I study, et al.).
D is not the biggest cuddler, and he tolerates being picked up (only by me, anyone else gets a very wiggly, struggling corgi). I used to feel left out when Dooley would lie on my friends' feet, whether they were standing or sitting, somehow, I never seemed to get this honor. I found out later that lying on a human's feet is essentially a dog's way of saying 'I am dominant to you in the pack order.' I'm pretty sure the default setting for corgis is dominant, until proven otherwise.
hahaha I had to reply to this cause my corgi, Yogi, does the same exact things... When we cook dinner he lays right in the middle of the narrow kitchen area it is cute but he is definitely in the way. He also follows my hubby and I to the bathroom and stays in there when one of us showers, brushes our teeth etc. He will not stay in a room alone either =)
Hmm. I'm not sure I would use the term "velcro dog." To me, a velcro dog is one that is a bit clingy and can't stand being alone.

Jack is perfectly happy to be alone. He likes being boarded at the kennel when we go away. When he is here alone all day and we finally get home, if he is sleeping he sometimes barely opens his eyes to acknowledge us. Yet if we are home, he follows us everywhere and gets upset if we are somewhere that he can't go; behind a closed door, or upstairs where he is not meant to be allowed yet insists on trying to follow us.

My understanding is that herding dogs instinctively like the flock to be together, so they can keep an eye on everything. That's a little different than the velcro dog who feels insecure when it's left alone; the herder is upset if its flock is separated because it makes it very difficult for it to do its job. If the flock is gone altogether, they are perfectly content because it's no longer their job to worry about what happens.
We've only ever had Loki, our first corgi, so I'm not sure about other dogs, but he is def a velcro dog for Kyle and me. He loves people and loves attention and affection from people. Last night we actually had people over, so he didn't get as much attention as he normally wants, so this morning he was a super suck. He was cuddly, wanted to snuggle and be held. Usually he'll follow us around the apartment, even if he's sleepy, he'll usually follow us and stop to sleep wherever we stop.

When one of us goes to the bathroom, he's on our heels too. If he's not allowed somewhere, he whines. He usually sits on our feet a bit or lays so he's touching us too. Basically he sounds a lot like Atlas in that way :) I don't think I'd have him any other way. When we come home too, even if it's just from putting the laundry on, he's always so excited and happy to see us, it's great.
Both my Corgis are the same way.. and the the 2 we had before were also. They are under the computer desk as I'm typing this. They are truly Velcro dogs. I love it!
Well I have 2 of each. Gordon and Ramsey have to be wherever I am. Alice and Wally, especially Wally, just need to know where I'm at when it's meal time!
However, when I take Wally to work, he has to be with me at all times, but Alice and Gordon will wander around the department and Ramsey stays near as well.
Boy, if you aren't confused now you should be! ;)


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