Hi all, I'm beginning to think our girl Luna is, in fact, loony. 

For about two weeks now, when she's outside in the backyard with my daughter, she does this almost-crazed running around in a large circle.  Her ears are up, her nose is pointed toward the ground, and she's very intent, like she's herding something or chasing something BUT THERE IS NOTHING THERE.   ?   

Even if, when I go out, I call her over and pet her and try to distract her, she goes right back to the circling.  (also- her sister corgi has nothing to do with any of this, she plays with my daughter, or does other more normal stuff.)

So is our dog loony? Is she herding imaginary cattle?  Can she hear moles underground with those very large ears?  Does anyone else's corgi do this?

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she's not sniffing with her nose to the ground, but yes, more like that. It's like she sees a mouse or other small creature, and she's chasing it with her nose pointed almost to the ground. Yesterday I actually went out there to see if it was a bug that  I couldn't see (no bug).

that's why I wonder about moles (?)

I bet she is smelling something..maybe moles...


That looks like one happy corgi.

maybe a neighborhood cat that comes and wanders in the yard or a squirrel and she's trying to track it down? They can run and scent without even looking like they are sniffing the ground. I had a search and rescue dog and when she was on a scent she could go at a full run with her nose pointed down and follow a scent.

Aww, he's so cute!  Congratulations on your new addition!  As for the circles, it doesn't seem like he's distressed at all, but it's hard to tell something like that from the video.  It certainly is pretty funny to see, though.  :)  I still laugh every time Ellie starts chasing her bunny nub.

Tommy did something similar where he would run back and forth in a straight line, very intent and nose to the ground. Literally he would do it all day if you would let him and could not be distracted from it.  Eventually I got some balls for outdoors that he just loves so now as soon as we go out back he is looking for them to play with and he no longer does the running THANK GOODNESS.  I was worried he had some sort of obsessive compulsive issues but he seems fine now! It wasn't zooming or frapping that's for sure! 

A dog running circles like that is a neurosis.  Confusion and frustration.  They are uncertain what their role is, and don't have a clear cut job.  Exercise them more along their breeding work..ie: lab-fetch with a ball, newfoundland-pulling a wagon with kids in it, corgi- anything that involves chasing something.  Even fetch works well.  

As far as your dog scooting its nose along the ground, over and over, I'm not sure.  Seanna will do this in the snow, but only for a short time.  She will chase moles doing that behavior too, but they are usually above ground.  With a dogs acute hearing though, it'd be perfectly logical that she can hear them underground.  If she doesn't seem stressed out doing it, then I wouldn't worry about it.  Try playing fetch with her in the yard and see if it stops.

Butters runs circles around just about anything. Whether it be horses, me pushing the wheelbarrow or just running circles around the yard. I feel like its a way to exert pent up energy that they aren't sure what else to do with it. So, she's possibly herding imaginary cattle =)

Maddie the female corgi of the house started doing this in our house, just not in circles... I thought she was being neurotic until I opened the cupboards to the whirlpool tub and found mouse evidence. We trapped 21 mice in a few days

Jerry is definitely not neurotic, confused, or frustrated.  The vet said he was likely locked in a kennel with his previous owner for up to 18 hours a day and this is his way of exercising.  He really is happy doing it.  He'll stop to play fetch or tug-of-war then run again.  

I think our corgi is chasing flies!  I've now had time to investigate further, and she's chasing flies and bugs.  Luna....mighty hunter!

Sounds like when we have June bugs here...she's just having fun whatever she's chasing! Maybe it's the fairies that we can't see visiting her, haha!


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