Ok..I don't know if this is a strange question..or if I am just not familiar with the breed..but do all Corgi's have crooked front legs? Kirby's front legs have an inward crook in them..it almost looks like his poor paw had been broken and healed that way. I tried to do research online and all it talks about it how Cardigan Corgis have a slight crook in their legs? Does that mean that Pembrokes do too? I know Kirby is a Pembroke..but I am just curious if there is anyone else out there that has a corgi that looks the same?

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Hi Niki,

Stella is my first corgi, and although I have seen many pictures of them, I have to admit that I've wondered the same thing some times, especially as she has grown. I looked at Kirby's photos, and he looks like a normal corgi to me. They do have strange little front legs and paws. Stella has the crook, too, and when she stands her feet turn out. Some of my friends have even commented that it looks painful! But I've looked carefully at other pictures of corgis, and others look the same. I'm interested in what others have to say, especially how you can discern what's normal or not.
This is normal (breed standard)and I don't have time tonight but I will post tomorrow if no one else does!
It depends on how severe the crook, but it's normal to have a bit of one. I just went downstairs and looked closely at Madison's, since she showed and got her championship and I'm therefore assuming she's close to the breed standard, and hers do have a crook in the area where the knee joins the lower leg. Jack does too.

Remember, Corgis are genetic dwarfs and have odd little knobbly legs as a result. I don't know if I could get a good picture with my camera to show it or not.

It's even more pronounced if they are being lazy and standing with their front legs toed out.
Corgi standards: Legs-Short forearms turned slightly inward,with the distance between wrists less than the shoulder joints,so that the front does not appear absolutely straight. Ample bone carried right down into the feet. Pasterns firm and nearly straight when viewed from the side. Weak pasterns and knuckling over are serious faults.Shoulder blades long and well laid back along the rib cage. Upper arms nearly equal in length to the cage. Upper arms nearly equal in length to the shoulder blades. Elbows parallel to the body,not prominent, and well set back to allow a line perpendicular to the ground to be drawn from the tip of the shoulder blade through the elbow. Feet: Oval- with the 2 center toes slightly in advance of the 2 outer ones. Turning neither in or out. Pads strong and feet arched. Nails short. Too round,long and narrow or feet splayed are faulty. You can go to AKC and look up breed standards also.
I always just thought of it as knees. :) The crook is normal, Dax has it too. When he stands still or sits, it looks like his legs are broken and his feet do turn out as well, but if you watch when they walk/trot, their feet point straight forward until they stop moving.

At first I was concerned about it because Dax will sometimes sit or stand with one paw lifted up, so I thought something might be wrong, but then I noticed when he does that is either a) when he hears a noise, or b) when someone has a toy in their hand, so I discovered that was just his "I'm about to take off running as soon as you throw that toy or I figure out where that noise is coming from" pose. :) Always immediately accompanied by a lightning fast bolt in which ever direction he needs to go to follow said toy/noise.
This isn't the perfect pic of Bella's legs but it does show them although she is trying to sit in a place that she has to position herself

lf rather funny.
Thank you everyone for their stories. I am happy to hear that my Kirby is just as normal as any other corgi :)


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