my corgi started skipping meals and lost interest in food. Weird, right? The vet ran a blood panel and everything came back normal. Then they ran a urine test, and found crystals. Now she is on prescription food and her appetite is slowly coming back. Has anyone else been through this? I'm wondering how long before the Corgi gobbling the food comes back. I'm trying not to be impatient, but it can be worrisome to see a corgi ignore food. Thanks!

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Hmmm... What was she eating? Sounds like a warning someone here gave me about Nutro being high in something, PH maybe? I switched to a wet food that she tolerates well. Not sure if it would have led to urinary issues but it was causing constipation so I switched to be safe.

If she's reviving a day at a time, that's probably a good sign. If she actually has a UTI (which she may not: some dogs just have crystals in their urine), she should be on an antibiotic. Ask??

What's the weather like? If it's very not, that could affect her appetite, just as it affects humans.

Ruby the Corgi Pup came down with a UTI shortly after she arrived here. I'm told corgis are prone to them. Vet dosed her liberally with antibiotics -- it took a while, BTW -- and put her on the P/D. Over the course of a couple of months, she shook off whatever ailed her and resumed growing normally. She's now the same size as the elderly corgi -- about 20 pounds -- and brimming with health. So, I patient. It takes some time to throw off the bug.

Thanks for the replies! She did not have a uti, but did a round of antibiotics just to cover all the bases. I'd say she is 85 percent back to normal. Eating both meals but not yet at lightning corgi speed! I'm practicing being patient and focusing on how she seems much more comfortable.
I hope she is MUCH better by now. It sounds like you all had a rough week. I hope she is eating well again.


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