I know there's LOTS of variation in corgi fur and I noticed that his black hairs are getting course (the white is fluffy and soft) which I expected but now that Orion is 12 weeks I've noticed his black hair is getting curly and he has cute little cowlicks all over that stick up no matter what you try to do with them. It totally cracks me up. Who else's dogs developed little curly cowlicks as pups and did they keep them as adults? 

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lol this has always made me laugh as well. teddy gets this for a few days after i give him a bath or after it rains. he has had this ever since he turned 10 weeks:)
Søren has these! They are only in the black fur on his back. I thought they were permanent, but maybe not? He developed them around 12 weeks.

Orion is such a cute pup!
Bucher is going to be 9 in Ocober and he still has his!

That's his big boy fur!!!
My older one DiDi had these for the longest but around when she turned two her whole hair changed and she got silky. Now she only has a cowlick on her butt.
Reagan's about to turn one and his back hairs and mostly straight, but he also has butt tufts on the flat of his rump.
Goofy corgis.
Kipper has several cowlicks around her back near her butt. It's cute but I keep combing it and combing it and it won't go away! :D
I gave Baxter his first bath yesterday and he had like six of them just pop up! Glad to know that it happens to many pups.
yup, one of my boys has curls around his tail nub....he's a sable and white and its black hair around his tail. Pretty darn cute....


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