Please help.  My Maggie is almost 13.  Last month, she began having digestive issues.....vomiting and diarrhea.  We have taken her to the Vet twice, and all her blood work and xrays are normal.  They gave us special food for her which she refused to eat.  Switched to chicken and rice, ate it for a while and then stopped eating that.  Now we're giving her lean hamburger and rice.  She vomited that foamy yellow stuff this morning and still has VERY loose stools.  She was on an antibiotic for 10 days and an anti nausea medication for 4 days, both of which have ended.  She's lost 5 pounds.  

I don't know what to feed her anymore.  She only seems to want people food.  Do I feed her tiny amounts 4-6 times a day or call the Vet again.

Anyone have had digestive issues with their older corgis?  And, if so, what did you do to correct it?

Any advice at this time would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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I haven't had any digestive issues with my senior dogs but have you tried a grain free food?  Maybe she's developed an issue with any kinds of grain.  Did she vomit that yellow stuff before she ate?  Generally that means her tummy is empty and she may need smaller more frequent meals.

I'm just throwing stuff out there.  I hope you can find something to help her.  Please keep us posted.

Thank you!!  I have been giving her little meals, then stopped.  It's hard to judge WHEN to give it to her, although, she eats it right up.  She's not thrown up since this morning.  It's the loose stools that are a pain.  I don't know what to do to firm them up.  I am guessing I'll have to call the Vet again.  

She's not really had any grain, other than the little bit of rice she decided not to eat the other morning.  She's eaten it in all the little meals I gave her.  I don't know what else to try to give her as a carbohydrate.

Again, thank you!!  

Try pumpkin.  Its a fix all for #2 issues.  It helps when they are having loose stools and it helps when they are consitpated.Get a can of organic pumpkin and give her a table spoon full with her meal.    I keep it on hand and give it when they are having no issues just because they like it and its good for them.  Don't over do it.  A tablespoon per day should be plenty.  But,  given what you described in the first post, I think I would be consulting with the vet again.  Five pounds is a lot of weight to loose, unless your pup is very overweight.  Good luck!

Thank you!!  We've done the pumpkin, and then she stopped eating that....I'll try it again, but I'll try to find the organic pumpkin at whole foods.  

Her weight loss was when this all began, she's not lost any more weight, if only a pound.  This has been going on for about a month.  She stopped eating her kibble (Iams Senior) about a month ago.  It's been nuts ever since.  She weighs about 23 pounds now, which she SHOULD weigh.  Better for her back, too.

I agree 100% with the pumpkin. There might be old discussions on this also.

I did some looking around for carbs for dogs.  Cooked and mashed sweet potatoes, cooked peas even tapioca can be added to her meals tho in small quantities. A good kibble that doesn't have corn in it...that's the hardest for them to digest...should be the main staple in their diet. If you use hamburger boil it to get all the grease out.  If you want to use chicken try canned chicken.  It's 99% fat free, I've been using it for my dogs for over 8 years.  You can use canned peas but look for no or low sodium..again it's what I've been using for years.  I did the canned chicken and canned veggies for weight loss for an extremely overweight corgi...54lb when I got him.  My vet is happy with their diets, I still feed them the same so they would be an easy meat and veggie to add for Maggie to hopefully get her to eat and maybe firm up her stools.  Katie is 12 and Brady is 5.

You can also ask the doctor about using Kaopectate (sp) to stop the loose stools.  Many years ago my vet had me give that to one of mine when she had bad runs.

I would maybe try 4 smaller meals a day and say a day or 2 on all the same thing to see what works for her and what doesn't.  I am not a vet, I am just going by many years of having dogs and cats sharing my life and what my vet and I have worked thru over the years.


Thank you SOOOO much for these suggestions!!  I'm going to call the Vet and see if I can give her Kaopectate.  This has just got to stop.  It gets all matted in her fur and it's like I'm giving her a daily bath.  

You've been the only one to answer and I appreciate that so much.  I really needed something to do with her.  

Going to the organic pet store today, to see what they've got.  And, we'll take it from there.

Once again, thank you SOOOOO much.  <3

Judy....all the folks here care and they will always be willing to help.  Unfortunately more and more have been using the FB page rather coming here so the traffic here is smaller than even a year ago which is sad..  Please keep us posted on Maggie.

Susan....I've only used pumpkin for getting them to poop.  Had a cat that kept getting bowel obstructions and that is what the vet had me try so I didn't realize it was also good for loose bowels.  Thanks for that info.

Try a spoonful of plain fat free greek yogurt.  I've had luck with Tucker with that.  He would throw up randomly and repeatedly.  The yogurt seems to have reduced that significantly.  The antibiotic may have wiped out some of the good bacteria in Maggie's tummy (I think that's what happened to Tucker) and the yogurt helps re-populate that bacteria.

I also had made a chicken stock (boiled down a chicken carcass and a Thanksgiving turkey carcass with the giblets and water-no salt or skins).  I made white rice with that and mixed the cooked rice with bits of the cooked chicken & turkey.  I bagged it up in small servings and froze it.  The meat and chicken stock makes it appealing, the white rice seems to calm the tummy (think about how chicken soup seems to cure all ailments).

Thank you!  These are all WONDERFUL ideas!  

Noodles went through this a few years ago. He now gets a mixture of purinary wet (gastro enteric ) and senior dry food with a probiotic sprinkled on top. The probiotic is given on top of his breakfast. He hasn't had any problems. I hope that helps.

Probably going to have to call Vet again and see what they say regarding food.  We got a spray on probiotic, and she finally ate food with it on.  Let's hope we can continue.  I even bought organic pumpkin.....


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