(2007)I don't have any ID microchips in my corgis, was wondering if anyone out there has done it before.

(2009 update) I've since taken all my foster dogs to get chipped. It's cheap and the procedure is fast :)

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Mine are chipped even though it is unlikely they would wander off since they tend to be like velcro when we are out.
Olive got chipped on her first vet visit. I don't think that a chip should replace a collar with ID tag but the two of them together are a swell combo.
Both of ours are chipped. Lucky was found in a snowbank, they spent 3-4 weeks trying to find his owners, and could not (he may have been dumped) So we chipped him. We also chipped Sonny as we live out in the country now, and realized right away that he was a flight risk. Our first, non-rescue corgi was also chipped at the recommendation of the vet. We have always had AVID chips. Our rescue kitty is also chipped, she came that way, don't think we would have chipped the kitty
Yes, Corie was done when she was spayed at 6 mo (Nov 2008). Our new puppy will be done when he is neutered :-)
Noodles has a microchip and the procedure was fast. His vet didn't have me in the room because she said most pet owners get all worried when they see the size of the needle that will be inserting the microchip. I think it cost $50 to have it done, but that is worth the price if it brings my baby back to me if he ever gets lost.
Fox has a chip. We had it done when he was neutered at five months. The vet put it in Fox's shoulder blade area - no problem at all.
All my animals will be chipped, the city where is live kinda pushs it, and most places don't do tattoos anymore. City pet lincance program offer a free ride home for any dogs that are found and have a microchip. doesn't matter if they where picked up wondering or if they where found stolen. I have noticed most vets will scan all new animals to check if they have one and that the information matched the person who is on the new animals vet file. Which means that if you dog was stole and they tried taking it to the vet, then they would be found and would be returned to true owner. We got adora chipped at her first vet visit (she didn't care about the needle) as the condo i was living at at the time required it in order to add them on to the lease information. Rhun our new corgi is getting his done when he gets fixed next week. Both are not wonderers and will stay in the yard even if the gate was left wide open. But anything that gives them a better chance of coming home is worth the $50 to me, any one can take of tags and put on new ones if they wanted to steal your dog. Tags and collars can also fall off, my cat use to be able to get every single syle of collar he had off, we had no clue how he did it. When chips became common we had him chipped becuase of his collar problem, and have done it for every other pet since.
I microchipped Miranda and my rescue dog came with his own micro chip. I have never needed to use them thankfully
Does the chip get affected by any meds or treatments? We give moose frontline plus for ticks and fleas and they have you apply it between the shoulder blades. 
No, it doesn't. The older chips were made of smooth glass and sat in the webbing of connective tissue that holds skin to muscle; the newer ones are made of sort of rumpled or dimpled glass in order to form a bond with the connective tissue. The change was made because VERY rarely one of the smooth ones would migrate away from the shoulders and end up down a leg or something. Harmless, but less accurate when scanning. Either way, it's an inert little thing and doesn't hurt the dog or interfere with normal medications or flea treatment or anything like that. Most of the time you can't even find it after it's in - I can feel it on a couple of my dogs (they're all chipped) but only because I know where to feel. On the others it seemed to disappear as soon as it was in.
Got my two little ones chipped finally. Now that we have a back yard the paranoid mommy kicked in. (though I know I should've done it sooner) I think its more now that charlie can't be off leash due to his "wandering off" and car chasing obsession lol.

Trust but verify.

Gwynnie's first chip fell out soon after insertion.  Somehow, my wife noticed this.  It was replaced.

Today, 8 years old, routine vet visit, the chip could NOT be detected!


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