Does anyone have good tips on how to discipline biting?

Our 3 1/2 month old finds it fun to bite mama & papa.  We have tried distracting with toys, bitter spray, high-pitched yelp when she bites, soda cans with pennies.  Bitter spray works temporarily.  Distracting with toys rarely works, she finds it more amusing to bite our limbs or clothes.  When she does, it gets aggressive with the tugging, growling, and a harder bite.  It seems like she thinks its a game. 


Does anyone have any good tips that worked on your corgi pups?  If so, I would really appreciate the input.



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I just did time-out. Yelping or saying no just excited mine more. So if she bit, I just swiftly picked her up and plopped her in her ex-pen (which was in the kitchen) and left for a few minutes until she calmed down. When she was calm, she was allowed to come out.

For us, the biting was almost always related to over-excitement; so we worked at keeping the excitement at bay to reduce instances of biting. When she bit, the time out was a punishment, but it was also an opportunity for her to calm down again before coming back out to play. If yours is an overexcited biter, than I would suggest removing her from the excited situation, and only allowing her back in when she's calmed down. Then you don't just keep reinforcing the excitement (instead, you reinforce that calm, controlled playing is acceptable and nothing else is tolerated).
Thanks! We will keep working it. I think removing from playtime is the best approach so far.
im not sure if the weather, (its cooler and windy this week) is causing Carly to act hyper or if its just because she going through a weird stage , but today we had to put her in the crate early.. i tell ya these dogs are strange.. it seems like the more attention i give her the more demanding she gets.. and i walked her both this morning and evening
That's the female corgi for you! The females are more dominant, so you really have to be strict and show your alpha dog side. Maya tries to boss us around all the time, but gives up when we don't let in. I think because of that, her biting our clothes and such as lessened.

Our Maya likes to we notice that if we take her on a long walk and run part of the way back it gives her a better work out. Maybe try that with carly? Or give her some challenging tricks to work on.

Corgi's are quite funny though..Maya has just entered the testy bark phase. We have a neighbor who has a few dogs. She realized if she barks they bark back. It's become this game. She barks at the wall and stares for a response and when she doesn't get one she rampage barks until another dog in the area barks back!!! She even tries barking in the house, to see if she will get a response as well. lol
Thanks Maya, i really appreciate your response , it sure helps to understand my pup! I know you right about letting her run, i have tried to run part of the way but im not really that much of a runner..hahah, (my excuse is my age) I ask her "do you want to run?" and she looks at me with these curious eyes, and then i say run and off she goes! I can go about four or five houses and i poop out, i guess if i keep it up ill build up my endurance, she needs a strong young person, but shes stuck with
Tricks like what? i have no clue besides sit, stay, down, im sure there's some that are more challenging than that
We just taught maya shake and rollover. We are working on crawl and speak now. I would just go on and type in "how to teach dog to ______" and you can watch all these videos on how to teach them. For shake, we make her sit and then we just gently lifted her leg until her paw was in my hand. Then shake, and give treat. It took her a couple days of 1-2, 5-10 min sessions. Rollover was easy. Once she knows lay down, you just circle the treat around, so that her head points up and then back, that way she rolls onto her back and back onto her stomach. Good Luck with the training! :)
What has worked for me with all of mine is to say"ow" in a loud low voice and turn the opposite direction...fold my arms and totally ignore. Then when they quit and hopefully sit and look at you...give attention for the good behavior:) If you walk away that just makes them want to chase or follow you.
Don't distract with toys - you are only rewarding a bad behavior.

Try biting her back - with you hand of course. Just make your hand like a "mouth" with your fingers like "teeth" and pinch lightly but firmly on her side - not to hurt her but to make sure she feels it. This is speaking her language - if she was in a pack of dogs and she bit another dog, the dog would discipline her about the same way to let her know this is not tolerable.

This may take repeatition, and alot of time, but it works. Addy was bad about play biting for some time, but employing this method (along with rolling on the back and "biting" around the base of the neck, again being very careful not to hurt her) largely broke her of it. She still "tooths" us sometimes, but this doesn't appear to be a dominant "I'm in charge!" behavior. Biting is. Breaking her of it will take decisive and firm (but not harsh) action.


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