Ok, not quite sure where to post this but I got my Corgi two months ago. I haven't had any really major problems until about three weeks ago I started having asthma issues and sneezing and I also had a cold. I was even rushed to the ER a little over a week ago with the worst asthma attack in my life. I am still having problems and have been back to the doctor twice. I have also noticed in this timeframe that my sweet boy is now shedding horribly and way more than when I first got him. I think they had had him groomed really well and possibly someone had taken a furminator to him or something. I am starting to worry I am allergic to my dog :( ( at least thats what my dad thinks)I have had allergy testing in the past and wasn't allergic to animals but yrs back my pulmonologist had said I shouldn't have any but I grew up with a dog and never had problems. I was just wondering if anyone else who owns a Corgi has Asthma or bad allergies and if it bothers yours?

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Sorry, I can't really help you but I believe there was a post on this not too long ago so you might want to look back. I do know that you would not want him in your bedroom. Good luck and I hope it was the cold that started this. I do know someone who recently had asthma problems and hers kicked in when she had a cold also!

is the blog post I wrote about it maybe 18 months ago.

The short version is: Change his diet to make his skin as healthy as possible and minimize shedding.

Bathe him once or twice a week to get the dander OFF him. Use a diluted mild shampoo all over him and rinse like CRAZY.

Vacuum with a HEPA filtered vacuum and seriously consider getting rid of carpeting if you can.

Wash your bedding and his bed(s) often, and with hot water.

Consider using an allergy spray on him between baths, but the spray can't replace the bath. Bathing and laundry are going to be the real magic, because dog dander is reasonably easily rinsed off him and off fabric. So you have to do so often.
Thank you so much for that link. He actually sleeps in my bedroom and sometimes on my bed on a throw blanket that I put over the foot of the bed. I do wash his bed and the two throw blankets I use for him weekly sometimes more and I wash my bed linens including the comforter weekly. I really think the whole problem is that I just recently moved back home with my parents when my boyfriend and I split up. Him and I lived in a brand new apt and I did well with my asthma and all there then moved back home to my parents where we have 20 yr old carpet all through the house and I had grown up with a dog in their house. The carpet was supposed to be replaced but now that I moved back with my dog my dad is saying he doesn't want to replace it yet *rolleyes* Its not like my dog isn't housebroken or anything and I keep after him about it cause I know thats part of the problem. I have severe anxiety problems so I don't go out often so I am always in the house. My dad did say he is thinking of at least pulling the carpet up in my room after he saw how sick I was that one night. I don't really have a choice for my dog to sleep anywhere but my room as I keep his crate in there. I do bathe him every other week and I thought that seemed like a lot for a Corgi but if I don't bathe him when he seems to get dirty then I notice I cough more. I also will be looking into getting a HEPA filter for at least my bedroom as my ex and I had one in the apt. Thanks so much for the advice :)
yes, check out my answers on this thread


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