For the past couple of months i have noticed that Odin doesn't run with/like the other dogs. Like a corgi does when herding something. He gets moving, but doesn't zoom. Nor can he get on the couch. At first I just thought he was a lazy dog, which was fine, but now I am becoming more concerned. When we play tug and he slides back down on his butt he yelps. I think it's his knees.I am going to the vet this week for this, but I wanted to ask my fellow corgi friends if they have ever had this.

My parents pom's knees are consistently popping out of place, and the vet says she will be fine, that its very common.

I'm just worried about Odins back and knees since he is only 10 months old:(

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I would take him into the vet. It sounds like something is wrong, hopefully not too serious.
Definitely take him to vet. Keep us posted. Hope it's not serious.
Baron has been having problems with his right front knee off and on for the last 2 months. The vet seems to think that it is a widened growth plate on the elbow. He has been on Rimydl for the last 5 weeks. Next step will be accupuncture I don't want to do the surgery route unless necessary. Good luck. Take him to the vet and keep us posted.
Unfortunately he broke a toe today...I informed her about this issue..but the toe is first I guess since she didn't "find" any thing. He will be in a cast for a while:(
Oh poor toe! Hope he is better soon! is Odin doing now??? Alison, the video of Odin are sooo cute! He is quite the swimmer. Parker loves to swim too. Do you live in Orange Park? I have family up there and visit fairly often. Maybe we could get our guys to play together when we visit?? Barbara
Poor thing. Good luck keeping him still with a cast on.


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