I have decided to get a dog door for my corgi, as running up and down stairs and having to wait for her to do her business or leaving the door open so she can come in when she is ready is getting annoying. But i know nothing about dog doors, wondering if anyone can name some good Canadian winter proof models or have tips and pointers. My main concern is efficiency as i living in Canada where it can get extremely cold and lots of snow, we also spend most of our time in the basement so the last thing we need is a cheap dog door with a flap that will not fully close, or one that allows a big draft. I live in a bungalow the back entrance has two sets of original doors (house built in 1964) dog door will be in the outer door it is a wood weather door, top part has large single pane window. and bottom has recessed panels (similar to picture attached ). I also don't want to spend to much $200 max but would prefer to spend around $100. would be willing to spend more for electronic one. But i also don't want one that is to big (i find alot come in large or small in the store, to small for corgi or WAY to big. Product sold or shipping available to Canada would be very helpful as well lol.  I hate when i find something i like but site/supplier does not ship to Canada.


Oak entry door with beveled glass

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I'm no expert as we only have a cat door into our garage but I love it. We live in Minnesota and the weather is cold here also. We do put a 2nd sliding door piece in at night as this does leak some cold air. There may be better brands...I don't know but I'm sure you can find some for around $100. but as to are there higher quality???? I don't know! My young corgis can use the cat doors so it does not need to be large!
We LOVE our doggy door here in Wisconsin. It does, however, let in a draft, so we remove it in the winter. Ours is the patio panel, size medium, shown here: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3307+15020...

This one looks better for you: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3307+15020...

Dr. Foster and Smith charge $5.95 shipping for the lower 48, no idea about Canada. I've been very happy with the quality of this product and web site. We are easily able to get replacement flaps, about every 2 years.

It is so nice to have the dogs let themselves in and out, and I believe my old dog actually potty trained my corgi pup because of this. Down side, we have also had to deal with a few icky things that Lilli has brought in and hid under my bed. Good luck.

This i one i have been considering as they sell it at many of our pet stores and some other store, But i am unsure on how well the flap will close shut in the winter.
A friend of mine had one and awoke one night to find two raccoons enjoying her kitchen!
@ Bev...my husband is always worried about this! What happened to the coons? I bet that might not be easy to get them out????
She closed the door to her kitchen (lucky she had one) and used a flattened large cardboard box to shoo them out the door. They created quite a mess before they left!
Yes that that would suck to find a raccoon, but at night or when we don't want her out we would have the inner door that could shut. plus there is a door at the top of the stairs and the bottom on stairs that are closed Door is at the landing in the middle . I think more than anything it is more likely for us to find a jack rabbit in our house, raccoons are rarely see where we are.
I never found a stray animal in my kitchen in the past 15 years. At least, not due to the doggy door. Sometimes birds flew into the sunroom that had only a screen curtain (also seen on the Drs. Foster & Smith page), but my bird dog caught them. And ate them. Not the best bird dog.
Do you mean the petsafe extreme weather door? The petsafe door we have is a double flap magnetic door. It is not a perfect closure every time, but close. There is also a metal door that slides over it to seal it off. If you find the door seal is not good enough in cold weather, you could seal it off in the winter. We just remove our door in the winter (it's on a panel that fits into the patio door frame.)

And no, we have had no racoons or rabbits in 15 years.


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