I know many of you are completely against visits to the dog park - so if you are - stop reading now.  Bogart is VERY social and since he is an only dog I arrange play dates, go to meet ups and also to the park that is 5 minutes from our home. The dog park has a small and large section. Small is for under 20 lbs so we don't really qualify.  Today there were only two lab mixes in the large section so we went in there. Everything was fine, and then someone approached with two dogs, one of which seemed aggressive.  Before I could put the leash back on Bogart, and EVEN though I asked the incoming dog owner to WAIT until I got out, he completely ignored me and let his mean, aggressive dog in and that dog immediately tried to attack Bogart. Luckily got him out of there quickly before anything could happen.  But why, I ask, could he not have waited 30 seconds for me to get my dog out before entering??? My next dog park vent topic is WHY can't there be 3 sections at dog parks? One section for teeny tiny dogs - maybe 10 lbs and under, then a medium section for 10-30 lbs, and large section for anyone who wants to be in the large section??? I have written to the two park departments that administer the parks we go to, with this request. It would be easy for them to section off part of the enclosure and add a gate, for the smallest dogs.  So far, no dice.  I think more Corgi owners have to chime in...

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My little corgi girl Zoya is 1 year and 4 months. She's super excited to go to a dog park every time. Our park doesn't have separate areas - it's a large space with small, medium and large dogs. Zoya likes bigger breeds, and I'm glad she's gotten used to them and feels comfortable. 

On 3 separate occasions, we've encountered one dog owner who thinks that controlling her dog is everyone's responsibility. Her dog is not social, it has been adopted from an older lady who never brought her around other dogs for 5 years. So when she tried to play with Zoya, she was very aggressive and ended up hurting Zoya. I had to tell her to control her dog and keep her away from Zoya. I think it's important to be straight forward with people like that.

We take our 3 (2 corgis and a lab/beagle mix) to the bark park pretty much every weekend.  We have a big yard, but it isn't fenced and the park is a place where they can play with other, new dogs, and run free.    Although there are some very big dogs there, and our park only has one area, most of the big dogs are lovely and sweet-natured.  The rare aggressive dog doesn't last long as people figure out quickly that behavior isn't welcome.  

There are 2 little Jack Russell terriers, however, who have issues and will out of nowhere go after another dog.  About 2 years ago--actually the day after we had our oldest dog PTS--we took everyone to the park to keep some normal activity in their lives.   The JRT's went after Daisy, our lab/beagle.   Daisy is the least aggressive dog in the world, without being submissive--she's just happy and good natured, but for some reason, she set them off.   I foolishly stepped in, partly because our corgi Ragnar was trying to help Daisy and I didn't want any kind of full on dog fight to erupt, and I got bitten on the leg.    Didn't get stitches, but i still have a scar.   Daisy was fine, though, and JRT owner now doesn't bring his dogs in unless there are only dogs there that he knows his are fine with.   

Grrr! Did the JRT owner pay for your medical bill?

No---I didn't have health insurance at the time, and I figured i wouldn't bother with a doctor unless it looked like it was getting infected.   Probably foolish, but I'm allergic to most antibiotics, so i figured i could use peroxide on myself a lot cheaper than the doctor would.   And there was the whole social aspect of it.  Everyone there tried to pretend like it never happened, although the following weekend we could tell they had all been talking about it.   I didn't want to press it, as it would mean we couldn't bring our dogs there anymore---not like we'd be banned, but instead ostracized.  It was uncomfortable for a bit until they all figured out that we weren't going to report his dogs--he was a regular and we were newbies at the time.   I'm just glad my babies didn't get hurt, because then i would have done something.

While we have the luxury have having our Nutmeg run and play in our yard, we take her to a dog park a couple times a week so that she can run and play with other dogs. When I arrive at the park, I assess the dogs in both the small dog side and the large dog side, and then I choose accordingly. Nutmeg actually prefers to be with the large dogs. And, I find if they are 4 years or older, they usually play really well together. And, the owners are usually really happy to see Nutmeg. The key seems to be finding the right time of day to go when there are compatible dogs of whatever size and owners who have a similar philosophy about how the dogs should play together.  It's trial and error.  Good luck finding the right park for Bogart.


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