Tootsie loves all people and is so happy to see everyone.  Now other dogs is a different story.  Someone please tell me how to deal with this situation.  We walk in a downtown area so we are constantly passing other dogs.  The moment she spots another dog she starts growling and pulling on the leash; if the other dog is growling, then we have a full blown hissy fit.  If the other dog is friendly, she is fine but for a slight under her breath growl.  Do I pull her away and go in the opposite direction?  At present I say no and pull her back but this is definitely not effective.....

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Pulling her back is only going to cause her to pull harder. I would try either changing direction, or carry with you her favorite treat or toy and try to distract her with it while the other dog passes by. Good Luck!
What I would do is start carrying a treat pouch. When you see another dog approaching immediately get her attention (I use "watch") and start feeding her treats and talking in a happy voice until the other dog has passed. This really only works well if you can get her attention before she gets fixated on the other dog, once she's at that point it's probably going to be impossible to get her attention. If there are so many dogs that this type of distraction isn't possible, then honestly I would try to find another spot to walk her with fewer dogs. It can't be good for her to repeatedly have these types of interactions.

No, food will work if I catch her before she is all worked up.  I try to ignore her and pull her along.  This morning I got so mad I yelled NO and continued on my way which works for the present situation but does not work going forward.  I just have to keep my eyes on guard for the dog coming around the corner.  I think the common thread seems to be FOOD...... 


Someone suggested that I sit on a bench and whenever I see another dog coming I should start a happy dialog with her along with treats. 



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