I have notice with my Corgi, name Radar, that he tends to get a bit moody around the big holidays
like Christmas. This usually starts Thanksgiving weekend when I begin decorating the house for
Christmas. Radar lets me know that he is not getting the attention that he normally gets by being
very testy or when I finally sit down to relax Radar will sit next to me...but then turn his back to me
like he is ignoring me. This little guy really know how to dish out a guilt trip!!! Anybody else have a
moody Corgi?

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Well, I have noticed the past few days that tempers are short(with each other)! I thought maybe it was the weather....but maybe it is the holidays....don't know!
Just like kids aren't they?? They know when you aren't giving them the normal amount of attention and mine have been more naughty since the Holiday season started!!
They can certainly sense something is up, some may act moody, some may have loose stool :(
Ahhh the loose stool! I know all too well about that whenever any type of stress occurs.... :( Happy holidays everyone to all the parents and the corgis. :) :)
This year I even apologized to Summer when we put the (artificial) tree up. She is not as free to move around the house and I think this does kind of stress her out. In past years, Summer's seven yrs. old now, she would get under the tree more but this year she has been very good about staying clear of it. She loved getting a couple of Jumbo bones in her stocking though.
By the way, our first corgi, Corky, was the reason we got an artificial tree in the first place. She couldn't keep from eating the needles off the live tree. And the mess afterward was just too much for us to put up with - the fake tree was the solution.
Amen....and thank goodness for artificial trees! I do love the smell of real trees...but the mess of real trees stays in the house for months. Radar is getting back into his routine of required lap time from my husband and I, especially after his quick trips outside for potty breaks. We have a couple of afgans that we throw over our laps and call them his "fuzzies." Lap time on his "fuzzy" in the winter time makes him one happy Corgi. Throw in a belly rub for good measure and you get a Corgi smile :) aaaahhhh the life our pets have is one of envy!!!


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