So I finally found my little pup and will be coming home to me in the next 3 - 4 weeks! I've been doing a lot of research of what food to feed her! The Breeders feed her Royal Canin. I don't know whether or not to continue with Royal Canin or switch to brands such as Wellness, TOTW or Orijen! As far treats are concerned I think i might just use carrots. Is it healthy enough to use milk-bones or the chicken jerky treats? Please let me know!

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Reminder, you also don't want to keep feeding a high protein puppy food to corgis. You actually need to treat their growing bodies like those of large breed dogs. Think of it this way, the ratio of leg to the actual weight of their body is very similar to what a mastiff, rottie or other very large dog carries on their legs. I usually move my puppies to adult dog food or a large breed puppy when they start eating solid foods.
Another brand of food that is not quite as common is Fromms. I feed both my cardigan puppy and my adult pem their "four star nutritionals" line which is an all life stages food. As Cindy said you don't want corgi puppies growing too fast.
So what is the proper puppy food or food to feed? B/c I surely do not want my pup to grow to fast to quick!
In my experience it is recommended by breeders to use either an adult food, an all life stages food, or a large breed puppy formula. Cindy that commented earlier is a cardigan breeder; Joanna Kimball is another breeder who posts here occasionally and she has an article about it on her blog which I found informative:
For food there is alot of debate, some do fine on Brands like Royal Canin my girl was fine at first but then ended up having reactions to it within a couple weeks even though that is what the breeder gave us, so we switched to Innova puppy, the other three brands i recommends but Orijen can be very high in protein for a corgi pup. As another person has stated go to dog food analysis if you can afford it and have ablitliy to buy it in your area go with a 4-5 start food and work your way up if you can or if you need to. I know my girl ended up having to be switched to grain free 6 star, now we are having to switch to raw/natural cooked.

For treats for a puppy try going cheap and healthy as your pup will be going through alot while your training it. Carrots are great but you might want a softer treat goes done faster when training in that case i reccomend apples, banana, green beans, peas, boiled chicken (for special times), for store bought i recomend PureBites or Benny Bully's both are freeze dried liver which works great because it is dry treat you can bring with you places and is natural, plus you can brake them into little peice as well. Both can be found at large and small pet stores.

For chews it depends on the dogs, my dogs will chew and chew and chew on even the smallest peice of anything. Other dogs will swollow even large peices. A safe bet is bully sticks to start for a puppy one will last long time, it also become soft in just the dogs mouth which means it is digestable in the stomach unlike rawhide. Once your pup grows up and its jaw compasity is stronger they can go through one in just 10 mins which in that case i recomend switching to Antler, it is safer than bone because it gets filled down and does not brake into sharp peices (acutally never had a piece brake off) There is still the marrow which is great for cleaning the dogs teeth. Between my two dogs one lasts in the house for atleast a month sometimes two.
Were using, Wagon train chicken jerky, BB health bars, authority biscuits, iams biscuits, and bill jacks gooberlicious for training. We give them rawhide but they don't often chew them unless they are tired.

Does anyone know the difference in rawhides. we get a bag from sams with 15 rolls for 10 dollars when pet smart ones might sell for $5 a piece. the only ingredient in what we have is American rawhide.
I have read a lot about the irradiation used in what i thought were high quality natural dog treat like Wagon train and Canyon Creek and I'm sure there are others. Its a dangerous world out there for dogs. i bought some Zuke's training treats today and some Merrick rawhide. hopefully Merrick just drys flesh and leaves out steps not fit for humans. Does anyone know about the blue buffalo Jerky treats? Too often i find just because something is expensive or natural doesn't mean it is high quality.
One thing that I do is check where it's made. A lot of what we might consider to be good companies are still having their products made in South America or China, where the stanards of production are much lower. You are correct-higher price doesn't always mean better quality or better made.

A couple of suggestions on products that I've happened upon! True Chews is made in the USA, actually very local for me, Independance, IA. They have pig ears, ham bones and great chicken chews. I've been very happy with the products and so have the dogs. Finding them in our region wide farm stores. Another idea is to go to your local dog bakery and request that they try making something similar to what you might find in the stores.
This is a little off topic, but your reply reminded me...A while ago I made and order with for topical flea/tick meds and some organic dog biscuits. With my order came a free sample (full sized bag) of some dried apple/chicken treats. Isabella loved the biscuits, I think they were the liver flavored ones...reminds me I need more! However, the dried apple/chicken treats looked like they'd be good but she wasn't able to digest them at all. Too hard and chewy for a puppy, I think. I only gave her 2 before I actually read the label. They were made in China. I assumed Dr. Foster and Smith was/is reputable, but these treats will go in the trash. I don't know why, but I was surprised they came from China. Not that this makes them bad treats, I was just surprised.

As for food/treats we do use...I feed Blue Buffalo adult chicken. She was on a mix of that and the Wellness Puppy, but now 100% Blue Buffalo. She loves it! Right now I'm treating Wellness WellBars (think that's the name) chicken and cheddar cheese, small crunchy treat and Blue Buffalo Blue Bits soft chicken treats. The soft little morsels are great for training...Some peanut butter in the Kong is a big hit, too.
I love TOTW but you would need to feed the salmon variety. I just wrote a long theory on the other discussion about all life stages dog food...check it out! Congrats on your new baby!
Bought some Fruitables Biscuits and some Dogswell Duck jerky today. Anyone else use these treats?


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