I love Tucker's little lippers. They are pink and black and oh so cute. Actually I love his whole snout/lip area.

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I Love Domino's snout! She loves to give kisses and she's always grinning with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. :)

What a happy face! My Bertie says she's very kissable....
I wish Molly's would stop flapping long enough for me to get a look at them! :o)

She does have a great smile, though. And it's very contagious!
Corgis snout/lips is very cute, but their tongues WOW they are huge. I first noticed when my dog who is always lolling his tongue about, kind of rolls it up to fit it back in his mouth.
So true. When Tucker is running around an dhot his tongue gets giant and hangs out to the side. I call him "Tongue" at the dog park.
Zoey has a cute black line around she mouth but what i think is funny is all of her wiskers on her right side of her nose are black and all the wiskers on her left side are white. I have tried taking more picture of her close up but she is afaid of the camera. I have to slowly work on that.
I think doggie lips are so cute and kissable!


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