The reason I'm asking is because the internet research I've done and ended up inconclusive for me. The dog that I will be fostering (if everything ok health wise) could be either a dorgi or a basenji mix.

He's got the coloring of the corgi but a bushy tail (which I think basenjis don't have or dachshunds for that matter.) His coat is corgi-ish in terms of the normal amount of fluffiness.

I'm just not sure what dorgi's ears do--if they stand up or not. Looking at basenjis, it is very possible he could be mixed with that, especially since he looks taller than most corgis would be but still having the length of the corgi. Either way, share pictures! I want to see what your mixes look like!!

And I'll be sure to post a picture as soon as the guy is home with us.

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No, basenjis don't have bushy tails, they have a mid-length tail that curls on their backs. I had a basenji named Mac years go -- it would be interesting to see a corenji? basorgi? Two very smart dogs, both stubborn, one barky, one quiet (although they do yodel, basenjis), one interested in people, one with more cat-like independence (I used to refer to my basenji as a cog -- a cat/dog). Do you have a pic of your potential foster dog? Interestingly, I had a tri-color basenji with similar markings to my tri corgi!

I have a corgi/basenji mix if you want to look at his album on my profile :) He isn't tricolor though, he is the standard orange and white. 

He definitely exhibits a lot of the basenji traits: He's VERY clean (if he gets his feet wet or dirty he will spend an extended amount of time cleaning them until his paws are sparkling white again), independent, "cat like," he likes to watch TV, he never smells even when wet, and although he can bark he makes lots of odd basenji like yodeling noises. On the other hand he certainly got the corgi herding mentality.


I've found this mix to be ideal. I grew up around purebred corgis that were around horses all the time and although I loved them they weren't as relaxed as our mix and defintely not as clean!

Check my pics "Corky in the Jungle" I can't tell what he is mixed with either.
My Bailey is a Basorgi!
Bailey is beautiful!
It looks like your Bailey has bushy fur on her butt like our George. We've actually started trimming his off. I swear he struts around to show off his tush afterwards! Although, I feel like the balance of power in the house shifts every time I  find myself clipping his "butt wings."
Our vet said the other day that she thinks our George might be mixed with a Basenji. I've been trying to find pictures of Corgi/Basenji mixes but haven't had much luck other than on here. Have you had any more luck finding Basorgis?

Here are some pictures of our "Jorge":
Beautiful dog!
I looked up Dorgis not too long ago and found some pics online!
Corgi's can have bushy tails- when they have tails. My Potus is a full blooded Pembroke with a bushy tail. That might explain the tail.
Yup, pems can have some pretty fluffy tails on them when they aren't docked. I think it's impossible to say whether or not the ears would stand on a dorgi though, I would assume it would vary with each individual dog. There are quite a few pics on google images.

He kind of looks like he might have smooth Fox Terrier in him...especially the face close up in the last picture.  Also, the ears.









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