Dose anyone have a jealous corgi? i have 3 corgis...the mother and her two 1 yr old sons. The runt gets so jealous when his brother comes around me or gets any kind of attention.

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Jelous? YES!! They're both awful about it.
Izzy is jealous of anyone or anything getting attention besides her. She isn't obnoxious about it but she will try to stick her nose in if attention is being passed out.
Maddie is like Bev's Izzy. If another dog is being petted, she comes and tries to squirm in between the person doing the petting and the other dog.

Jack does not like being petted much and so could not care less if we're petting another dog, but runs to get toys if my husband and I give each other a hug.
Oh yea.. they get along pretty well but every now and then I get green eyed monsters! They have this special way of PUSHING each other out of the way when I just come home and try to pet one then the other lol.
Lilly definitely gets jealous.... worming her way in when Brody is getting pets. But the funniest thing is when hubby and I kiss she runs over to Brody and starts giving him kisses on the mouth. He doesn't really care for them that much and gives a little growl just to let her know, but as long as we're kissing, she's kissing him.
Little Sebastian ended up having surgery to have his leg stitched up because he is so Ornery. He always bad mouths his brother and he is just a talker and means no harm but his brother doesn't put up with his growling and barking. I have to keep them seperated when I'm not home.


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