ziggy! the magnificent! (isnt he cute)

why is he so magnificent? because he is MY CORGI!!

he is 4, and was born august 1st 2007. he is healthy for the most part (allergic to fleas, could stand to lose three-five pounds, which is good because when the lady i got him from got him from the lady that got him from the original owner (who may or may not have gotten him from a breeder) he weighed in at almost 50 pounds. the previous owner had him eating homemade food-and get this-its the same recipe i had saved for when i did get a corgi!

how perfect!:D oh, he is an excessive couch potato apparently.. and so far it seems true. i tried to walk him around my block and after getting halfway down a street, he stopped, turned around and pulled me right back to our house. i only let him do that for today, since he is going through getting a new home again. (the girl i got him from on had him since Nov-she only took him in to help him lose weight then find the perfect match for him-me;D) he hasnt barked once since ive met him, and he completely ignores cats-which is more than i could ask for really lol. i thought that i was going to have to go through a dog trying to get to know a cat while the cat only wants to be left alone haha.. but nope:D he is sooooo crazy awesome.. i cant wait to start walking with him a little later today, but im kinda nervous because i dont know how long he likes his walks haha. right now, i only have a couple pics of him on the computer-i have a ton more on hubby's camera, but he has to upload them for me before i can put them up! but i will:D here are the pics the previous owner sent me when i was still waiting to meet him.. they do not do him justice-he is SO much cuter in real life (and in the pics i took) i think she just had a bad camera or had bad timing with a camera lol.. one of the two! (hes still super cute in these pics, but they just.. dont capture him haha.)

im covered in dog fur.. and i LOVE it! im a corgi mom! FINALLY!:D

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CONGRATULATIONS!!  I am sooo happy for you!  Can't wait to see more pictures...you've entered one of the best stages of life...Corgidom!

He's adorable! Welcome to Corgihood!! And be ready to be covered in fur a lot. ;)

so glad u finally got your corgi baby :)

Congratulations to you and Ziggy the Magnificent! How exciting to finally be a corgi mom. Good luck on losing the weight...I've been working with Noodles for a couple years now and he is down to 38 pounds and that is where his vet wants him at (he is a big boy). I can't wait to see the pictures you took of Ziggy! Yeah for you all!!!


note: i just got back from taking him on a walk. it was a little one, but he started panting really soon after we left, so thatss his deal haha.. its very silly watching him walk! <3 those little corgi legs are far more endearing in real life! (which shouldnt even be possible, but somehow it magically is lol)

Jennifer Markley, thanks:D i am very happy for me too haha! the pictures will be up sometime today, i will pester and whine until they are haha.. i tried to get him to do it for me now, but he was up really late workingD: but soon enough hopefully! (i would just do it myself, but he lost the cord and has to do it through some chip, and if i dont know how something works on a computer, i basically just forget about it haha. corgidom does sound like the best stages of life xD by far! 

Baxter & Zigs i am very excited to be joining corgihood:D no better feeling haha. he is nipping at his foot to scratch it, and its so funny because its making his whole leg shake, and theres so little of it that you just cant help but think "oh my gosh. i am going to hug you so tight that your head is going to explode" xD oh boy he is sooo prettily colored:D

Suzi, Zeus & Valentine thank you, i am too:D i had fun looking through the stuff he came with-it was really interesting.. he has a microchip, but i need to update the information haha as soon as possible for that matter, just in case!

Alison Prasavath thaks very much.. when i took him out for a walk, it made me think that maybe hes not really overweight, just kinda like.. broad and extra skn-y. (since he lost so much weight since november, i think that he has a bunch of loose skin, because it like swings kinda.. so maybe he just looks kinda chunky.. but either way, i am sure losing a couple more pounds will be fine whichever way its heading. 38 pounds is a big boy! but he looks fine, so i guess he really must just be a bigger corgi

oh thank the lord that i got him:D

Melissa and Franklin! thank you very much:D this is a day that couldnt have happened fast enough haha.. hes such a good boy, really laid back and mellow. i couldnt have asked for a better match:) my moms cat just tried to attack him, singing at him, hissing, etc bc she hates dogs, and he just pretty much is oblivious to the fact that its happening.. he reminds me of kinda of eeyore from whinne the pooh haha

Oh, he is sooooo handsome. I love the way he is looking at the camera...like he knows it! Congrats and have a great time:)

Congratulations!!!     He's very cute...  

Yay!!  Congratulations!  We can't wait to see more pictures of you and your new fella!


Sounds like you found the PERFECT match!

So happy for you! :)

So exciting!  Congrats!

note: i didnt tell you guys the story, but i almost didnt get to have the pleasure of owning him!D: daily, i stalk CL for anything corgi related.. never get anything basically. well, then i was on the corgi rescue page on fb and someone had posted him. i thought he was from that day, because like i said.. i stalk CL for corgis near me lol. so i emailed, and i didnt get a reply for a long while, but i had sent the email before i meant to so i decided to send another finishing what i wanted to say, and i got a reply-she told me that there was already a woman who was going to come meet him/take him home.. i about diedD: but she said that she would let me know if it didnt work out.. two days later.. :D my ziggy!

Jane Christensen yes he is really smart i think-he just looks you right in the eye and and his expressions are so amazingly human that its surprising! 

Wallace and Nicole i knowwww! finally! oh my.. i took a pic of him that is SO cute haha. hes laying on top of my bed and his eyes are open, but they are peaking off to the side, and it makes me soo happy! I don't know how I lived like this haha... So much pent up want for a Corgi all gone-it's so relieving:D and its funny that you think he looks like the hulk.. i think he totally looks like kenai from brother bear haha. (though i dont know if you have seen that.. i was probably a bit too old to watch it when it came out but still did.

Diane yes he is! he needs to get into better shape though-i am wanting a walking buddy and he gets tired way too quickly lol.

Cindi & Twinkie :D pictures should be up soon.. hes so cute. i am dying to show him off, i wish hubby would wake up and put the pics on! rah! hes so precious sleeping on the bed.. takes up like a fourth of the bed, but thats okay because my legs dont really need that much room:D

Andrea De Leo he really is. i am so very much more than relieved that i got him.. how freakin awesome! it was all by luck too, if you read the note up top:D

Beth yes thank you! i felt wired when i woke up this morning! the first thought through my head was "corgi! i get to get my corgi today!" and then i felt EXTREMELY sick instantly haha. i was so nervous. when i actually saw him.. oh boy. lol... the girl had him in her bedroom on her bed and so we had to walk down a hallway to get there.. so its like a big suspense getting closer and closer, no sound other than my heartbeat and of course, it felt like it was taking forever to get down the hall.. so there was the slowmo effect... then when i saw him.. bam! i swear! its almost like he was glowing xD it was so amazing, i couldnt even process him at first! i didnt say anything and then all at once i was just "oh my god, hes so cute, awh hes perfect," etc.. i know i jumped on the hes perfect wagon pretty early.. but i trust myself with animal personalities.. ive always been pretty good at that kinda stuff:) 


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