ziggy! the magnificent! (isnt he cute)

why is he so magnificent? because he is MY CORGI!!

he is 4, and was born august 1st 2007. he is healthy for the most part (allergic to fleas, could stand to lose three-five pounds, which is good because when the lady i got him from got him from the lady that got him from the original owner (who may or may not have gotten him from a breeder) he weighed in at almost 50 pounds. the previous owner had him eating homemade food-and get this-its the same recipe i had saved for when i did get a corgi!

how perfect!:D oh, he is an excessive couch potato apparently.. and so far it seems true. i tried to walk him around my block and after getting halfway down a street, he stopped, turned around and pulled me right back to our house. i only let him do that for today, since he is going through getting a new home again. (the girl i got him from on had him since Nov-she only took him in to help him lose weight then find the perfect match for him-me;D) he hasnt barked once since ive met him, and he completely ignores cats-which is more than i could ask for really lol. i thought that i was going to have to go through a dog trying to get to know a cat while the cat only wants to be left alone haha.. but nope:D he is sooooo crazy awesome.. i cant wait to start walking with him a little later today, but im kinda nervous because i dont know how long he likes his walks haha. right now, i only have a couple pics of him on the computer-i have a ton more on hubby's camera, but he has to upload them for me before i can put them up! but i will:D here are the pics the previous owner sent me when i was still waiting to meet him.. they do not do him justice-he is SO much cuter in real life (and in the pics i took) i think she just had a bad camera or had bad timing with a camera lol.. one of the two! (hes still super cute in these pics, but they just.. dont capture him haha.)

im covered in dog fur.. and i LOVE it! im a corgi mom! FINALLY!:D

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Your so right he is adorable!! and im so happy for you... My Frankie doesnt really like to walk either,  i have to drag him sometimes  because  its good for him to exercise , Carly on the other hand will go for miles and never want to stop.. they are so different.

By the way a martingale collar is good for dogs that stop suddenly and they wont come off the dog if they resist walking. I had to get one, because Frankie backed out of his other collar twice in situations that he could have gotten hurt.

Congratulations.  He's cute. Is that an empty food bowl he's posing in front of on the first picture?

Thats great.  I wish all of you a great CORGI life.  They are wonderful and your going to have a great time.

CONGRATS!!! That is the best news EVER!!!! :)

Congratulations!! :D :D  Looking forward to your adventures and his progress!

Congrats Kimberly!! He has a very sweet face.

Congratulations on your corgi adoption!  :D  I'm so happy for you!  Upload more pictures when you can and keep us updated on how he's doing.  You must be beside yourself with joy!

he is so cute!

congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CORGIS RULE!!!!!!!!:D

50 lbs.!?!?!?  naw.

Find a safe place where you can let him off- leash and chase a ball, frisbee, or whatever, and he'll be in heaven.

I can keep Gwynnie running aroundandaroundandaround in circles forever, just by *threatening* to kick the soccer ball.

Have fun.  You both deserve it!

He looks way cool, and it sounds like his life just took a huge turn for the better.

Congratulations to you and to Ziggy. I hope he's found his forever home and you have found a lifelong friend.

Congratulations on the new baby (b/c we all know that's what they are to us)!  Good things do come to those who wait and it always seems to happen at the exact right time in life.  Glad he found someone who will help him continue to be a healthy fit corgi!

He is truly magnificent!  Corgratulations to both of you!


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