EastTennessee/North Georgia - looking for breeder (Puppy/Young Adult wanted)

I'm looking for a reputable Corgi breeder in the East Tennessee/North Georgia/North Alabama region - I am located in Chattanooga, TN.


I lost my Pembroke last May (May '10) to degenerative myleopathy... I am ready to get another Corgi and want to find a reputable breeder or rescue.


 I am very interested in a young adult dog (1 year/18 mos- 2 years) but also open to a puppy.


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated - Maggie (my first Corgi) was a gift from some friends and I have never "shopped" for a dog before...


Many thanks -



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Have you tried contacting any of the breeders from the Club site? Even if they don't have anything available they can probably point you in the right direction.



Thank you! I'm in Chattanooga and I've been in touch with the Atlanta Corgi Club people - I'll check this out too.

I have been exchanging emails (as of yesterday) with a breeder not too far from me that someone else on this site recommended as they test for DM...I lost Maggie (pictured in my profile) back in May as the result of DM so this is a consideration (and a major fear I have with another corgi....though obviously a fear I am willing to risk...) I will check this link out also - thanks so much, I really appreciate it -- Maggie was a gift from some friends, so I have never 'looked' for a dog before like this and I'm finding it can be a little overwhelming/hard to know how/where to begin! (Especially finding someone reliable).

She is super cute - thank you for this link! I will call/email about her...I have lots of friends with dogs who drop by etc. so not sure about the not getting along with other dogs part...will find out if that's just in her own home or  if it also goes for other dogs in anywhere...she's definitely a beautiful dog! (and again, thank you - I have not been on this site since losing Maggie last May (at the age of 13) as I have been too upset...it has been nice to come back on here and receive such friendly responses.
She is beautiful! Keep us updated!
I saw your ad dated 16 Jan of this year, did you get a puppy?  If not there is a breader close the ATL area.


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