Our rescue has been with us since February. Even after all this time he eats really fast. Sometimes I think he inhales the food. How can we slow him down? We're assuming in the puppy mill he had to fight for whatever he got, because he does have some food aggression issues with the other dog. (No attacks, just growling)

We've had to take rawhide away from him, because he gave me a scare the other day. He got the rawhide wet enough to be pliable and then swallowed the thing whole before I could get it away from him. I'm afraid one day he will choke.

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Have you tried feeding the dogs separately? Each of my dog have their own safe place where others cannot see / interfere. With time he may feel at ease. As a last resort, there are food bowls that are designed to slow them down.
With time and feeling love, he will be alright.
Yes there are special bowls that can slow him down. Please be careful of bloat if your dog eats too fast. Corgis are NOT a high-risk breed for this, but it can happen to any breed.

I agree that feeding separately will help. A special bowl might help. Try giving him just a little of his food at a time too if you have the extra time to work with him. That will also help counter his food aggression; he will associate someone approaching his bowl with adding food instead of with taking it.

Good luck!
Sparty has never had to compete for his food in his life but he still eats at the speed of light! Izzy does the same. For the dobie we put her food in two different bowls to slow her down since they are prone to bloat. Try not feeding them within sight of each other and be sure to feed two meals a day. Bloat usually is caused by gulping water or food on an empty stomach. Rawhides can be a problem due the swallowing so you are right to be concerned. I really do not give anything but small rawhide sticks and not too often. It is important to keep an eye on them when the dogs have them especially with "gulpers" like mine are.
Food aggression is common even in well bred dogs. We put a few baby carrots in with Lizzies food. It slows her down a bit when she has to nibble around them. She does eat them after she finishes her kibble. She has a tendancy to eat as quickly as she can and then check out everyone elses bowls for leftovers. After all...I don't put nearly enough to sustain her in her bowl...A Corgi never thinks there is enough food in the bowl. I know a gal who has a lab that inhales his food. She has taken to feeding him with one of those kibble balls. He has to roll the ball around to get his meals. He gets plenty to eat, and it takes him a while to get it done. Good luck to you and that handsome little guy.
Rocky is a gulper. He wasn't until he started feeling really good. Try putting a good sized rock in his bowl. I have Fiesta dishes and collect Fiesta. I have some Fiesta doorknobs, about the size of a golf ball but a bit bigger and flat on one side. Anyway, I put one of those in his bowl and he has to push it around to eat. The bowl needs to be small enough that the "rock" takes up space. There is about 1.5 inches on all sides of the doorknob. He just shoves it around and eats much more slowly. Be sure the item is too big to swallow and heavy. It works very well for him and I didn't have to buy a new, expensive bowl. He can eat out of his Sunflower Fiesta bowl. Rosie has a Scarlet Fiesta bowl. Iowa State colors you know!!!!
I know that putting a large object in works for most, but my stinker Lizzie figured she could just pick it up and put it on the ground next to her bowl...motivated Corgis are too smart for their own good!
LMAO! Lizzie, what a smart corgi :)
Haha! Who's a smart girl then, Lizzie!

Jack always inhaled his food but has slowed down a bit. We find that adding a fair amount of water to the food slows him down. Please read label instructions; some dry foods specifically say NOT to add water.

Anyway, the water means he laps that up some and then fishes out some kibble and then laps more water. Putting in a few spoonfuls of pumpkin or plain yogurt also slows him down as I mix it in and he's trying to get the good stuff first; he'll sometimes pick out kibble and leave it next to his dish, get the pieces with the goopy stuff on them first, then go back and eat the plain dry pieces last. But if we give him plain food, he eats it just fine.
My guys eat kind of slow. Randy chews his food like it's his last bite ever. You might try feeding him a piece at a time by hand and make sure he is alone (away from other animals) when he is eating.
We've tried feeding seperately, and that doesn't work. I'll try putting a ball in his bowl tonight and see what happens. He's not at all interested with playing with balls, so maybe that will slow him down. I'll try the plain yogurt in the morning.
Thanks everyone for the great advice!
Atlas doesn't chew his food usually, just laps it right up with his tongue. We've tried feeding him in his crate, alone in a room. Nothing works. If we feed him piece by piece all he does is swallow each piece individually, which I'm sure just gives him more gas. As far as the rawhide thing, Atlas did the same thing as a pup, so we don't give him rawhides anymore.


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