I try to have hoho lose few pounds. And his been doing well for the last few weeks. But yesterday, I found he start to eatting fabric!!! He start to chew and eat his blanket, or towel on the floor!! And he will throw up!!!!!! Does anyone's corgi have the same issue?!! Why he do that? Is it because his hungry? or he just too bored? is it ok if he eat the fabric and didn't vomit? will the fabric stay in his stomach or he will digest?

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It is not ok for him to eat fabric. It usually is a habit caused by boredom. Our doberman has this habit from too many hours alone without a lot of exercise. She has had three life threatening and very expensive surgeries to remove obstructions (about $1500-2000 each). Now that she lives with us I have to crate her without any bedding or fabric toys when we are gone. She has to be watched when we are here because sometimes she will start to nibble on the dog beds or blankets. I have increased her exercise to 2 or three 45 minute or more walks a day and since I am home most days she is not alone much. If I had her when she was young I would have increased her walking and crated her EVERY time she was alone which would have at least eliminated the need for two of her surgeries. How much exercise does your corgi get? Also while he is dieting you can fill in with green beans to give him some low calorie bulk. Increase the number of walks he gets each day too.
hoho don't exercise much.and he is a lazy potato!! i take him to walk sometime, he will want me to carry him after walking for few minutes.........
He needs to walk. Start out with short ones and gradually get longer with them. Don't pick him up and carry him!! Take him somewhere interesting with lots of stuff to sniff. Unless he's very, very old or lame, he needs to get out and exercise.
Quin has chewed on her stuffed toys and gotten pieces off and swallowed them,  we had weeks of diarrhea and then not eating for a few day.  Very scary don't let him eat the fabric.  take him for walks and get him something to chew on Quin likes bully sticks.
hoho got plenty of toys to chew on~~luckily he stop eatting fabric now!! i had him sit on the corner, showed him the fabric, he noticed this is wrong thing to do!! so he stop doing it~~
Po eats fabric too... we find the best way to make him stop is to give him something better to chew on, like a bone.
but hoho is trying to lose weight, so i don't want to give him any more bone~ but thanks for your advice!!

A good, raw bone will keep his mind & teeth busy a long time w/out any real concern for calories.

If your Corgi is an adult and you never had this problem before and there have been no major changes in your, or his routine, his behavior may very well be related to the change you made in his diet.  You either cut back his food too much, or changed to a food that does not satisfy his hunger.  He probably needs a more gradual change in diet, plus exercise, but if he does not want to walk and you have to carry him, you may want to have your Vet check his thyroid levels, low thyroid can make him put on weight and also appear lazy.  The blood test is not expensive and, if he has low thyroid, it's easy to deal with.


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