Corgi's bark... usually/commonly... this I accept.  I know that some don't, but mine does.  It doesn't bother me.  But every now and then, when people come over and I can't get him to shut off the "somebody's here" alarm, it does get a little bit embarrassing.  To deal with these awkward moments, I decided to start telling everyone:

"He barks because it makes him feel taller."

And when we have company and the normal stray dust bunny ball rolls by down the hallway, I say:

"He keeps trying to clone himself because we are always telling him that he is the most awesome dog ever."

Or when he gasses everyone out of the living room with his super stinky horrendous emissions, I tell our friends:

"Whoops, forgot we were due for our monthly fumigation.  These new dogs have all kinds of built in gadgets!"

Does anybody else use silly lines or catch phrases to explain your corgi's embarrassing habits?

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haha Those are all very cute. I may have to use some of them.
When I find lots of Chase's hair, I usually say that he's trying to make himself a brother, named Hairy :)

I used to tell our AJ girl....."I'm leaving you in charge....make good choices."  LOL  ^,,^

Sparty barks like crazy when people come in and I finally gave up and just tell them he is screaming "HELLO"

those are so funny!!

most awesome dog ever.. is right

You should have seen the carpet/sofa/walls before I vacuumed!

Excuse me, I need to change the alarm battery (while she is led out of the room)

To the friend who has been standing on the front step waiting for me to get the dogs under control.- Thank you for helping with their training.

When they are sniffing the friend's clothes- "wow you must have had a yummy lunch!"

Embarrassing...  Hmm, that's an awfully long list, not sure where to begin....

Chasing a skim boarder as he was running into the ocean with his board, startling him and causing him to fall flat on his behind... I try to keep him away from boarders because Chewey seems to think chasing them is great sport, but I didn't see this one until it was way too late...

Or, then there was the time a couple weeks ago when he was tired/cranky (after a long morning of hard play) and every single time someone would bend over to pet him the person's dog would come up to sniff him and he would snark at the dog, which of course caused the person to just about jump out of their skin.  After the 3rd one of those I decided it was probably time to go home for the evening...  I swear he was just like a 2 year old that hadn't had a nap.

And last but not least.... how about peeing on someone's leg (also at the beach)?

Believe it or not, he's actually come a long way... ;->

A much needed laugh this Wednesday morning......LOL  ^..^


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